Complete craziness 

Complete craziness

Date: Sat, Jan 28 2017 at 12:25 AM
Tags: Semi • Crazy people

We took the route home that has the least traffic and crazy people from Lewis tonight. We were on the highway that goes over the Cedar Bluff dam and almost to interstate 70. We were a mile and half south of interstate when we come down a hill and at the bottom was a pick-up with a topper on it with no lights on. If we did not have our high beams on we would have t-bone it since it had no lights on. We got stopped in time. A Mexican man comes up to the truck. I instantly dial 911 into my phone to hit send if needed. He kept asking Wrangler if he had seen a car. At first Wrangler  thought that the car had hit him but he spoke such bad English Wrangler  could not get through to him. Finally he gets out of the way and follows us on towards Ogahalla. We stop for fuel and he goes on North. When we pull into the fueling station there was a car there letting their dog out. I thought that this was the car that he was looking for but it must of not been. The car stuck around a while and the pick-up went on. Well as we fill up with fuel Wrangler  is on the phone with 911. I keep watch for the pick-up. When we are done fueling Wrangler  says 911 said we could go but we pulled up in the exit for a minute and it looked like something was parked at the railroad tracks. So we sat there waiting on the sheriff and still both had the feeling he was sitting at the tracks. Well after ten or fifteen minutes the Sheriff went by heading to Ogahalla. We waited still because Wrangler  was wanting to talk to him. Well all of sudden something flipped around and came back our direction. Wrangler  thought it was the Sheriff and tried to flag it down but it was that pick-up and he got on interstate. We followed him. He sped off but as we caught up was running 35-40. Well Wrangler  has called 911 at this point. The guy hit the shoulder at this point. Well he came back behind us. Wrangler  is on the phone the whole time updating 911. I thought he was going to take the east exit of WaKeeney but he went on to the west exit and got off. Wrangler  directed the 911 operator which direction he took. Than the Sheriff nailed him. As we drive down the road we are wondering details. Wrangler  and I think that a domestic situation may have been going on. With him with the lights off at the bottom of the hill it was like he was trying to block the road and surprise someone. I hope if that’s the case that she can get far far away.

We made it home twenty minutes ago safe and sound.  Both of us are still awake.  It’s been a crazy day.


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