Killer waits

Date: Fri, Dec 30 2016 at 11:59 PM
Tags: Semi • Ready to be home • Waits • New Mexico • Friday blues

I am usually a person with a ton of patience. Wrangler  on the other hand has no patience at all. Yet in the semi its opposite. I like to be on the go or stopped for the night. I do not like to have to wait a long time to load or unload.

After this week where we have put on over 3000 miles I am in no mood whats so ever to wait. I am ready to be making the trip home.

This morning we woke up in Artesia, New Mexico. We were in no rush to get here yesterday because they had no room for us. This morning we waited over a hour for them to create room for our load. Than another hour to unload.

Then we went Carlsbad, New Mexico to the potash fields where we had another long wait. I am ready to be home all ready. We ended up having a four hour wait there. One of those hours we were halfway loaded and they ran out in the railcar and spent the next hour looking for the other railcar.

Since we had such a long wait we will not get home until tomorrow. We will go to Dodge City tonight and unload in the morning before going home. The good news is that we don’t hit the road again until Tuesday because of the holiday.


Shorter Day

Date: Fri, Dec 30 2016 at 9:30 PM
Tags: Semi • Georgia • Texas • New Mexico

Today we had a shorter day. We got loaded shortly before noon in Crawford, Texas. And we started the push north. We had time to get the truck washed in Abilene, Texas. We stopped in Hobbs, New Mexico for fuel and supper. Than on to Artesia we went. It was nice not to have quite the push yesterday.

I am so glad to be out of Texas. Drivers here are extremely dangerous. They pay no attention to if someone is in the place they want to be. They cut you off all the time. And they go eighty to ninety when the speed limit is way less.

All over 

Yesterday morning we left Montgomery, Alabama and went in the very southwest corner of Georgia to unload.  Than went to Valdosta, Georgia to reload and hit the road.  We traveled down interstate ten in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi,  Louisiana, and Texas.  We are uploading right to the west of Houston right now.  We stopped on the Mississippi-Louisiana line last night.  

Tonight after we unload we have a two hour trip to our reload spot and we are going to shower, eat, and than go to sleep.  Hopefully a better place than last night with loud trucks, people hanging on stuff, alarms going off.

One thing really nice on this trip was the fact that its t-shirt weather where we have been.  Its really nice compared to the freezer back home.


Christmas Eve with my mom, brother, sister, and her husband went well.  It was after they left that things went crazy.  All of sudden Wrangler and Brother were both moody.  

Christmas Day brought thunderstorms.  Its the first time people in there forties remember that.  We lost power a couple of hours before we left.  We had such horrible winds that it caused a tank at the grain elevator across the road to blow over.  Two of my small trees and my clothes line were wiped out by a fun that blew into our yard.  As Wrangler and I finally said it was time to load up in the dark the power came on after over two hours.  We left out in the evening to get a head start on things.  We had a twenty hour trip to our unload point.  Right now we are just outside of Montgomery, Alabama.  We are about ready to take off.

Merry Christmas 

Its Christmas Eve here.  I don’t know if I will post again for the next couple of days.  I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  

Wrangler got home by three yesterday.  Brother had to work on last shift last night so it was midnight.  I expect to be invaded eventually.  He will want to add his presents to the tree.  

My sister and her husband will be over for supper tonight.  Than we will open our presents with them.

Tomorrow morning we will open presents with Brother, Mom, and us.

Merry Christmas everyone.