Last night we ended our day in Stratford, Texas.  We unloaded near Fremont, Nebraska yesterday morning.  Reloaded in York, Nebraska.  Went to Dodge City where we unloaded and reloaded before heading to the Texas Panhandle.  Yesterday was a little more trying day.  Wrangler was tired.  I felt a little better still.



Yesterday we started our day in Hugoton, Kansas.  We reloaded near there and went to Russell, Kansas where we unloaded and reloaded before heading to a town right outside of Fremont, Nebraska.  Yesterday was a good day.  Wrangler was in a good mood.  I felt pretty good.  I also caught a nap and slept really good.

Busy day

I had a busy day.  I went hunting with Brother and Wrangler.  After lunch we went to town and ran errands.  We stopped for a quick visit with our couple friend.  Tonight while supper was cooking in the oven I decorated my house for Christmas minus the tree.  Since we get a real tree I am going to wait a week or so.  Than tonight we played cards.  


Was laying in bed just starting to wake up on my own before four this morning.  The alert siren went off.  I jumped first.  About a half second later both Wrangler and Rex jumped from a dead sleep.  Then Cinch started barking.  It was the signal for fire fighters.  My guess is there was a wreck on interstate.