Busy Sunday

We haf a busy Sunday.  We put up carrots from the garden.  Made beirocks and pigs in the blanket for supper.  Worked on a few small projects.  Readyed the semi for another week.  Both Wrangler and I are not up to snuff.  We both are having sinus issues.


Slow day

Neither Wrangler or I had much motivation today.  We did accomplish things.  I also have done some crafty things.  I am working on some Thanksgiving decorations.  

I also carved my pumpkin tonight.  an helpful hint to light a pumpkin.  Use solar lights.

Finally home

We are finally home a hour and a half later than we should be.  Wrangler and I are total opposites sometimes.  If I knew I was needing parts that could have easily been pulled ahead of schedule I would have got the numbers ehen unloading and called it in on the way home.  He on the other hand wasted over a hour getting the numbers and parts pulled. I am a morning person so by ten p.m. I am ready for my bed. He is a night owl so after ten he still is social.


We were in the town of Guthrie, Oklahoma.  Part of the Sooner land race.  We got unloaded there this morning and went to Tulsa where we are getting reloaded.  Than we head to Dodge City than home.  Yesterday we unloaded and reloaded near Freemont, Nebraska.  Than headed south.  Yesterday was a trying day.  Was glad to be done.

Funny moment of the day

Today’s funny moment of the day came just after news of our next load  and knowing that it was going to be late tomorrow when we get home.  

Saw some road kill on the  side of the road.  There is nothing really  funny about road kill usually.  As we get closer we notice it.  There is a get well balloon attached to a racoon that is dead.  Someone was sure creative.


We had two different night times Tuesday night as we woke up in the middle to put Wrangler bio dad on the train.  From this point forward in my post he will be Wrangler dad.  His brother and sisters dad will be there dad.

Yesterday we both were tired.   We get to Dodge City and they are broke down where we were suppose to unload.  We finally reloaded and it was a race to get a hour and a half down the road to unload before five.  We got unloaded just before five and our next destination was a little over a hour away to reload.  We made it to Alma, Nebraska where we called it a night.

Very long day

We left early this morning.  We went up to Hastings, Nebraska and loaded and reloaded.  Went onto Columbus, Nebraska to unload.  Reloaded at York, Nebraska.  Now am sitting in Holdrege, Nebraska waiting on the Amtrak to come to take Wrangler’s dad down the road to Florida.   We have slept a few hours only to have to get up to meet the train and than back to sleep Wrangler and I will go for another couple of hours.  

The visit has went well.  Wrangler is happy.  This is only the second time to see his bio dad since adult hood the first time in July.  His bio dad actually tried to get to know me this visit where before he concentrated on Wrangler.