Siloam Springs

We started our day yesterday outside of Dodge City where we unloaded.  Our reload took us to Kansas City.  Than our load from there to Siloam Springs, Arkansas area.  We tried to get unloaded last night but our load number was not right in their system.  Wrangler is unloading us as we speak.  Aches and pains on the road are made worse by the bouncing.  Semis are just not as smooth as cars.  Well my right leg and lower back are just achy.  I will be glad to get home and I don’t plan on going very far this weekend.  Wrangler said that we are not leaving out until Monday.  We have left out for three Sunday’s in a row.


Sitting still

This morning we started out in Dodge City.  We worked our way to Hastings, Nebraska where we sat for four hours to get unloaded because they had eighty trucks in line ahead of us. Tonight we are headed back to Dodge City.  I don’t know if we will make it all the way there before the drive time will run out. 

Dodge City 

We are in Dodge City tonight.  Today has been a trying day.  Had to go five places to get unloaded this morning.  Finally after making circles we found a place that would accept that load.  

Next an air line broke.  Well the place that repaired it would not take  a check.  That made Wrangler even madder.

Well I am calling it a night.


We are in Lincoln,  Nebraska again tonight.  Today was not to bad of day.  We started out in Dodge City, Kansas.  

The only bad point is Wrangler has an Aunt who is doing really bad.  Its really touch and go.  I cringe when I see a text or call from MIL right now.  The last call said his Aunt showed some progess.