I need to go fishing.  My life has been very fast paced the last week.  I am ready for a break with a pole in the water.  Luckily either Thursday night or Friday morning we are lake bound.  My garden which is usually a peaceful spot is not bringing me any peace.


Home for a couple of days 

We are home for a couple of days.  We have put on a ton of miles in a week.  We have a trailer bought and will pick it up at the end of next week.

The old truck on the way to be delivered.

Last picture of the old truck. The blue is to hide the license plate.

Sioux Falls, SD

We are in Sioux Falls, SD.  We are here to pick-up the new truck.  We delivered the old one to the new driver this morning.  He is driving for Wrangler’s company.  It’s a bit of a trip up here.  Tomorrow I have to make the trip back home without anyone to talk to.  It takes longer in a pick-up to travel right hours than in the semi.

Worked out

Today we spent the day cleaning the semi.  It only took two hours in the inside to wipe every surface down and to vacuum everything.  Rest of the day was spent cleaning up the outside all the paint and chrome.  I waxed the whole truck.  We got home in time to have to run up to mom’s house and kill a very aggressive snake for her.  We are packed up to leave to go after the new truck tomorrow.  Good night all.

Home for a bit

The next few days are crazy busy.  Our reward will be vacation next weekend.  We will be home to sleep and that is about it.  Tonight we cleaned out the old truck.  I am getting excited for the new truck but am not looking forward to the trip to get it.

End of the road

Today is my last day bouncing down the road in the black semi that has been my home away from home for the last year and a half.  Wrangler’s home away from home for the past two plus years.  I am kind of sad to see this old girl go.  It will be still with Wrangler’s company but will have another driver in it.

We have made some good memories in this truck. Have seen lots of places.  Captured thousands of pictures.  Slept in hundreds of different places.  Wrangler has put over 250000 miles on this truck.

We been to the following states in this truck.  Kansas (Of course since its home), Nebraska, Oklahoma,  South Dakota, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Georgia.  Wrangler has also been to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio back when I was still working.

Tonight when we get home we are pulling everything out of the truck. Than tomorrow Wrangler is going to was it while I clean the inside.  Sunday we take it two hours down the road to the new driver and head to South Dakota to pick-up the new truck first thing Monday morning.  

I am ready to make new memories in the new truck.  Wrangler says I will like it because our seats are about five inches closer together.  There is more space in the sleeper.  We can actually stand up in this truck.   It has an extra bunk which will probably be needed in the future if we ever expand our family.   I have not seen the truck. Wrangler I think is tired of hearing me ask questions about the new truck.