Good day

Made a big lunch for everyone.  Brother said he appreciates cooking by someone after cooking by himself all summer.

He was out with friends tonight so he missed out on the fun. Wrangler, BIL, Cinch, Rex, and I went on a family bike ride.  Then we had horse time.  BIL said this has been the best day so far on his trip.  

Well I am going to relax and finish watching the movie Turbo with the boys.

Houseful of boys

A picture of my muddy boy who has been playing hard.

I having a sulking throwing a fit boy because I will not give him the portable PlayStation.  He played all day yesterday and did not listen about showering and bed time so he lost the privilege today.

Another one of my boys my brother will be home tonight or tomorrow.  Its been a while since we have seen him.

My other two boys Wrangler and Rex should be home anytime. I can not wait.

So my weekend will be made up of a houseful of boys.

Three storms in 12 hours

A few minutes before eleven last night the first storm hit and had a tornado warning that was short lived.  That round had two storms.  The one with the tornado warning and then twenty minutes later another.  We came back home from shelter between the two storms.  It was one before we were clear and the thunder was gone.  

The weather radio went off at four.  The county west was having quite the storm.  Round two storm thunder started at four fifteen.  At five it was raining hard.  At six I went back to bed for two more hours.

Round three came through at ten this morning.  We had really close lightening but little rain.

Now we just got rid of the thunder of a storm that went south of us.  I am calling it a night.  The radar is clear right now.

Tornado excitement 

We had to go to mom’s basement at 10:45.  There was a tornado seven northwest of town.  It took about two minutes from the alert to wake BIL, grab my purse, dash to my pick-up and drive the four blocks to mom’s house.  Luckily a couple minutes after we got there the warning was cancelled.  We are hone now and the second round has went past us.  BIL decided to sleep on the couch tonight with his shoes nearby.  Well I am waiting a bit before going to bed.  Goodnight

Busy busy

Yesterday was another good day.  We replaced our back steps, got what little jungle left in the garden tamed, and lots of other projects done.

Today I started my day off sending all four boys off for a morning trip in the semi.  Next up was picking the garden for my fair entries.  Next up was cleaning up for one of our couple friends father’s funeral.  Than it was a long funeral.  Followed up by changing my clothes.  Followed by picking the boys up.  Than entering my stuff in the fair.  Followed by eating lunch late.  Followed up by a visit with our friends.  Followed up with the trip home.  Followed up with three hours replacing Wrangler’s tarp on the trailer.  Now Wrangler is packed.  Kitchen is cleaned up.  And this girl is going to bed.