Unloaded and back to bed

We went into Georgia barely over the state line.  We unloaded went back to bed and am waiting for them to start loading at our reload place.  Wrangler and the boys are sleeping like the dead.  This afternoon it rained here and it poured and poured.





My states

I have accomplished something some people can not say.  I have been to half of the US States.  Some have been on trips with church, my class, or my family growing up.  Most of the states I have been to with Wrangler too with the exceptions of five. I am enjoying travelling and seeing new sights.  Espically with Wrangler.

The states I have been too.  I added four on this trip.

1. Kansas- born and raised
2. Colorado- child
3. Nebraska- child
4. Missouri- child
5. Oklahoma-  1996
6. Texas-1996
7. Wyoming- 2003
8. Utah- 2003
9. Idaho- 2003
10. Montana- 2003
11. South Dakota- 2003
12. Florida- 2005
13. Arkansas- 2008
14. Tennessee- 2009
15. Illinois- 2009
16. Indiana- 2009
17. Ohio- 2009
18. Kentucky- 2011
19. North Carolina- 2011
20. Iowa- 2015
21. New Mexico- 2015
22. Louisiana- 2016
23. Mississippi- 2016
24. Alabama- 2016
25. Georgia- 2016

States I have never been in.  Some of these I never will probably go to.

New Hampshire 
New Jersy
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia


This morning we are in Alabama.  Yesterday was a long day until we got out of Texas than it was not bad at all.  An accident in Dallas caused a two hour traffic jam.  Thia happened shortly after the start of our day.  While sitting in the traffic jam everyone had their phones out texting and pulling up.  Not even paying attention half the time.  There was another accident that happened because of this.  When I say everyone I mean nine out of ten.  After we got going again we had a lot of near misses.  One dumb driver was coming on the ramp.  We were in the right lane and had a line of cars passing us.  The one driver tried pushing us over.  There was no where to go.  He had to hit the shoulder when his lane ended.  He flipped us off later for his own stupidity.  Texas drivers I think do not pay attention the best.  We would be in the left lane on the interstate and ready to pass a vehicle and they would come barreling over into our lane and make us hit the shoulder.

Once we got to Louisiana people were actually using their heada while driving.  We are making our final leg of the journey south and east to unload.  I am enjoying the scenery.


Traffic in Dallas




River boat in Shreveport

Bad news

I am a heart broken this afternoon.  I have a cousin who has a two and a half year old son.  He has been having seizures off and on for the last year.  Well they keep happening more and more frequently.  They went to the doctor today and got bad news that he has something majorly wrong with him.  They say there is a high chance that he will not see adulthood.  I am so sick about this.  No parent should have to go through with this.

Wranglers family that might bw getting a divorce keeps getting worse and worse.  I am tired of it, Wrangler is tired of it, and other family members are tired of it.  Two a.m. calls are getting old.


I did decide to go this week.  We are heading to the east coast.  Should add some new states to my list.  The only new state added to my list with Wrangler in this truck is New Mexico.  This evening finds us in Texas.  Saw nothing new or cool since we travel this way often.