The only lasting effect that BIL seems to have from the flu last night is that he is achy.  He has ate some soup and some toast with no issues. He has drank a ton of fluids today.  He is being a little stinker.  His brother gets like that after being sick when he is feeling better.  I did catch a nap for a hour while he took a nap.

MIL boyfriend got his dressing changed on his broken leg.  They have found a fracture in his shoulder that will need surgery.  The doctor suggest letting the leg heal until it can support weight than fix the shoulder.  Otherwise he would be wheelchair bound for a few weeks.  When his pain is controlled by oral meds he will be released from the hospital.  I doubt he will be able to make the five hour trip home right away.

I am still homesick but today it’s a little better because Wrangler is not there and on the road.  Rex I think misses daddy.  Cinch really misses me.  If Wrangler gets in the area we will probably switch dogs out.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler


On the mend

BIL is finally on the mend.  Went to bed about 3 this morning.  He is home from school for the day.  I see a nap I’m my future 2.5 hours of sleep is not much.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler


MIL boyfriend fell off a roof and broke his leg yesterday .  They did surgery and he came out okay.  They are five hours from their house.

I was at their house keeping BIL while they were gone.  I was suppose to go home today around noon and in the semi for the week but I am stuck here until MIL gets back.  We will not know much until later today when the doctor gets in.

I know Friday I will be home no matter what.  Either I will already be there or BIL and I will leave after school gets out and come back Sunday.

I an homesick this morning.   Both Wrangler and I had a long week apart last week.  Another one looms before us.  Just keep Wrangler and me in your prayers.  Plus his immediate family as we figure things out.

BIL is handling it well.  The only thing he has said is I want to go home.  Home is my house for him.  He would live with us if he could. He has two weeks of school until spring break.  He will be home for a week then.

BIL told me the other day you will be a cool mom.  I think it’s because I am like my mom who baked with us, helped with homework, made us feel like the most important thing.  I treat BIL the same way.  I am his sister-in-law but I am also the one he wants advice or help from.

MIL said she is glad he is with me because she does not have to worry about anything when he is with me.  I can handle everything.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler

Bad news

MIL boyfriend broke his leg this morning.  I don’t know when I will be home.  He is in surgery right now.  I guess I am staying with BIL until they get home.  With it being a five hour trip I have no idea when that will be.

Today we went to the zoo.  We went shopping.  We have had a really busy day.  Wrangler is home now.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler


Wrangler actually has a load to unload tomorrow morning 20 miles away from MIL.  He showed up at 5:30 at the restaurant where we were meeting grandpa.  Glad to see him.  He will stay here tonight and go home tomorrow after unloading.  We have things he will take care of there.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler