2015 busy

2015 has been a busy year with changes.  Here is a recap of my year.

January brought us into our third year of marriage the first week of the month. 

February brought me vacation from my prison of a job which I used as a week with Wrangler in the semi on the road.  We had a big cold snap below freezing.  We went to a horse festival in Wichita as a vacation.

March was probably the worse month of the year.  My job was getting to a point where I no longer felt safe.  My boss had started to throw his phone, stapler, etc across the office.  Nothing I did was right.  The only good that came was putting my two weeks notice in the last full week of the month.  My Grandma died on the 25th on my dad’s birthday and Wrangler’s grandma died the 30th.

April was a month of finding my feet.  April 3 was the last week I worked.  I went out on the road with Wrangler.  Those first couple of weeks we were in a loaner truck because Wranger’ s was in the shop.  We had a funeral mid week for his Grandma.  We celebrated my 28th Birthday on the road.  I was adjusting to getting use to my grandma being gone.  After we got Wrangler’s truck back at the end of the month things settled more.

May brought me out on the road with Wrangler the first couple of weeks.  The second to last week BIL graduated from sixth grade.  He spent two weeks with us.  We went to the lake at Memorial Day on possibly the coldest lake trip ever.

June brought partial weeks in the semi with Wrangler.  I had to go to a lawyer and a court hearing for Grandma’s estate.  I got my garden in and it started to grow.

July brought staying home and watching the neighbor girl.  Fourth of July we hosted a block party.  I did go one week on the road and we had two different break downs and ended up in hotels two nights.  While broke down we did start looking at houses.  The last week BIL was up here.  It was also fair week. 

August brought some additions to our family.  My sister got married to her boyfriend of seven years.  BIL was here until the last week of the month.  The best thing that happened was at the end of the month I became an Aunt to Niece.  I went in the truck the last week of the month.

September brought Labor Day and another lake trip.  The rest of the month I was in the semi during the week and canning on the weekend

October we bought our house.  We had to get our lot ready for it.  The house needed prepared to move.  I went in the semi two weeks than was home.  In the middle of this I helped SIL and her family move.

The first Wednesday of November brought the house moving day.  I woke up the next day realising the fact I was suppose to host Thanksgiving in three weeks.  I got us moved in and settled.  We gutted the master bedroom to make it our own. The week before Thanksgiving a snow storm hit dumping 25 inches on us. Thanksgiving hit and so did an ice storm.  None of the out of the out of town family could make it.

December brought two weeks on the road with Wrangler.  A much needed break.  Than the last three weeks I have been home working on Christmas.  I made the majority of our gifts.  Also all the baking, decorating, and such.  We had Christmas number 1 the 20th.  34 of us.  11 came to Christmas Eve at my house.  6 on Christmas Day.  This last week I have been hanging with BIL at home.

I have traveled many places this year.  The states I went to are the following:
Kansas (my state of residence)
New Mexico (New state for me)
South Dakota

I can not wait to see what 2016 will bring.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


October on the road


Traffic jam on the interstate because of a college football game.




These last few pictures were captured in Quincy, Illinois on a Friday morning.


I love this flag picture.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Hanging out

BIL and I have  been hanging out this week.  He was suppose to go home Friday evening or Saturday morning.  SIL is headed down to MIL for the weekend.     I will meet up with her Thursday afternoon instead.  She is ruining two different plans for New Years and possibly her husband’s plans but she is going Thursday or else all heck will break loose.  We have played about 15 different card and board games while he is up here. We have watched some movies.  It’s so cold out that we really can not do much outside.  Since Christmas Day we have been in the freezer with temps below freezing as highs.  Mom comes over in late afternoon and stays for supper and plays with us.  BIL did get in trouble.

Night before last he missed bedtime curfew.  We are trying to keep him on a school bedtime timetable.  So he lost I pod privileges yesterday.  Last night he wanted it back before bed.  I said no.  He asked why not.  I told him you are 14.  You are at an age where you are totally able to be responsible for your own time.  That as an adult if you stayed up later than you should there could be consequences for your actions like sleeping past your alarm to many times and getting fired.  When he came to say goodnight before his bedtime he still was trying to get it back.  So tonight we will see how it goes.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler

Family turmoil

Let’s just say Wrangler and I am all right.  We are making plans to celebrate our Anniversary.

One of my parents siblings is a bully.  None of us kids wanted to be around him by the time we were in high school because he was such a jerk and racist.  Well he is bullying another family member right now.  I am so sorry this is happening.

Wrangler’s dad is showing his ugly side like he always does around Christmas time.  He is making a big stink about BIL.   MIL sent cards and pics to BIL grandma and great grandmother.  His dad is not keeping her updated on phone numbers and addresses so he is mad he did not get anything.  He is also being an ass to SIL.  He was down right nasty to her when he sent her two messages Christmas Day and she did not respond back fast enough.  The only kid he did not contact was Wrangler the step child.  Wrangler told his dad off around Thanksgiving and may never here from him again.

I have a family member who wants to leave her husband and move home with her parents.  She is controlling.  She is so insecure and checking his phone. If he calls any family she freaks.  If he comments his cousins or siblings on facebook she fresks. She is having nasty mood swings.  Everyone keeps calling her mom about the moods.  She went to the doctor last week and her husband mentioned something to
her doctor on the phone before.  I guess the doctor mentioned something not extremely postive and she was nasty to the doctor.  She keeps in contact with me and is nice for the most part.  Last night she called though and I could not get off the phone with her forever.  The whole time she was talking to me she was yelling at her husband mid sentence.

It’s hard to see so many family members struggle right now.  I am sending up lots of prayers right now.  I am worried about Wrangler.  He is traveling to Ohio through thr flood stricken Missouri and Illinois.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler

Christmas recap

Okay I have been beyond busy the last few days and have not had time to post much.

Christmas eve morning was hetic.  I worked on finishing one last present.  Did horse chores so they were settled for until Christmas evening.  Took a neighbor a goody plate. Around noon I started cooking my homemade rolls and mom came over too.  She brought her rolls to cook.  Wrangler  got home earlier than we expected at one thirty.  He was in a great mood. I was prepping as much food as possible.  At three the first of our guest arrived as the ham was going in.  It was MIL, her boyfriend, and BIL.  At that point I had everything done that I could so I visited for a while.  Around four Wrangler’s Grandpa and Aunt showed up.  At five thirty I was busy in the kitchen.  Our little cowboy friend who has been so rude showed up uninvited.  It kind of upset Wrangler and me.  Close to seven my sister and her husband showed up.  At seven we ate.  There were lots of salads and deserts.  The main part of the meal mom and I  made was ham, green bean caserole, apple stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls.  After eating supper all of us gathered in the living room to open presents.  We just opened Wrangler’s side minus BIL who got to only open one saving some for Christmas day and my sister’s gifts.  From Wrangler grandpa we got money and our dishwasher we found and he picked up for us.  From MIL we got money.  I got dish clothes, pot holders, and towels from her she made.  From sister Wrangler got sand paper and a movie.  I got a new western shirt, hangers, and some other little things.  Everyone left but BIL around ten.

Christmas morning Wrangler got up and put the brisket on the grill while I put the cream corn together in the crock pot and breakfast caserole.  Than it was present time from mom and us.  Wrangler got a circular saw, sandpaper,  and saw blade from mom.  We had gotten the saw he wanted the Sunday before Christmas so he already knew his present from me.  From mom I got a new necklace, ice cube trays and holder, a chopper, canning tools, a sign that says “house rules: remove your boots or scrub the floor”, a new rug, a couple of ornaments, and some other little things.  From Wrangler I got a cowboy themed plate, bowl, and glass set.  Around 11 Wrangler’s Grandpa and Aunt showed up from the hotel they insisted they stay at.  We ate around two.  After we ate Wrangler grandpa had to leave so his aunt could get her kids.  Mom, BIL, and I played games after all of us took a short nap.  BIL and Wrangler worked on little projects together.

Yesterday the boys slept until 11.  When they got up we made the call that a new fridge was needed.  We headed to town and got a new fridge and did some shopping.  After that we got our new fridge in.  I worked on getting our house restored after hosting a holiday.  Last night Wrangler and I worked on nailing the floor down while BIL and mom played cards.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler