To all line cutters

Today has been a cut in line day.

To the woman who cut in line in the bathroom.
I bet you went before you left your house.
I woke up in a semi and this was my first chance to go.
Just because you had a friend or family member in a stall does not give you rights to cut before two others in line.
To the woman who cut in line in the bathroom.

To the guy who cut in line.
They has all three lanes open. 
Ten other parties had been waiting their turn.
Yet you decided to try and pull a fast one.
When two people mentioned to you that you cut in line you flip them off.
Your rudeness made others cuss you when you could have said I  am sorry.
To the guy who cut in line.

To the trucker who cut in line.
The dogs barked at you when you walked by.
They have good judgement.
The fact you about ran our truck over just so you could cut ahead of us was rude.
We possibly will miss the chance to unload tonight because of you.
We were here in line for five minutes before you showed up.
Yet you cut in front of us.
To the trucker who cut in line.

Sorry for venting but in the last month this seems to be more and more a problem.  Three times in six hours was enough for me to write this post.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler


Heading out

Wrangler and I are heading out shortly for the week.  Tonight more snow is to come in at home and where Wrangler is suppose to be in the morning is out of the winter weather advisory area.  Hopefully from there we will continue south into better weather.  I feel like I am packing twice as much as usual.  Oh wait that would be correct since I am packing lots of layers.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler


Yesterday our Thanksgiving was low key compared to our plans.  Both of my uncle’s and their families decided to stay home.  The weather here was cold dreary and a little sleet.  We had a 20 pound turkey for 3 people.  Mom and I played cards and board games.  Wrangler watched movies.  This morning we are thinking we are staying home to miss the other family Thanksgiving.  The roads are just not good.

AS Mrs. Wrangler