We are headed into Missouri to unload and reload.  We than get a new bumper put on since Bambi cratered the other one Friday night.  All damage was to the bumper and no where else.  Yesterday after we got our from behind the oversized loads we had a good day.

I am frustrated with AT&T right now.  My phone works great in Western Kansas but when we get to Central and Eastern Kansas it’s not wanting to work.  I have at least four bars and 4G and it will not loaded any pages or send texts.  Western Missouri is the same way.  Any where else my phone works.  It’s been like this the last month and is frustrating.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler


Non open road

Today we hit the road for the week.  We had a little hour over three hour trip this morning that turned into four because of oversized load after oversized load.  I am thinking it’s now nap time.  Have a good one everyone.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler

September list 14-29

I am a little behind posting my list up here.  My weekends have been busy with other stuff and we have not had the Wi-Fi my kindle requires on the road. 

eptember 14- National Monuments I want to visit
1. Yellowstone again
2. Saint Louis Arc
3. Grand Teton National Park

September 15- Moments in history I wish I could experience
1. Oregon Trail
2. Election of JFK
3. Kansas becoming a state

September 16- Things I loved about elementary school
1. Recess
2. PE
3. Lunch time

September 17- Things I used to worry about as a kid
1. Money
2. Getting blamed for stuff I did not do

September 18- Things I learned from my parents
1. Love of agriculture
2. Knitting
3. My values
4. Stubbornness and determination
5. Gardening

September 19- Currently watching, reading, listening to
1. Radio
2. Social Media stuff
3. Old Westerns

September 20- in my bag/backpack
1. Pocket knife
2. Flashlight
3. Spare keys
4. Wallet
5. Kindle
6. Cell phone

September 21-Perfect spots to read, write, think
1. Garden
2. Sunny window
3. Walking

September 22-How I celebrate my birthday
1. With Wrangler
2. Meal out

September 23-Fall Bucket List
1. Ride some
2. Get garden cleared off
3. Decorate outside

September 24-Best Fall Memories
1.  Corn harvest
2. Football games
3. Cross country meets

September 25-Complements received lately
1. Hair is long
2. Nice picture
3. Good food

September 26-Why next month is going to be awesome
1. Wrapping up a growing season
2. Fall is really here

September 27-What I love to do on a rainy day
1. Bake
2. Read
3. Quilt
4. Watch movies
5. Make soups

September 28-Favorite smells
1. Silage
2. Horse feed
3. Baking
4. Rain

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Crazy weekend

This weekend is the first weekend since August 21 that I feel like I have accomplished anything at home.  I have been out on the road during the week with Wrangler.  It’s been a weekend that I have been on the move from the moment I got home yesterday until now.  The only rest time was sleep last night.  I have cleaned, put up produce, caught up outside some.  We even have enjoyed the moon for a while tonight.  Wrangler has to take a short load in the morning than we are home until Tuesday morning.

AS Mrs. Wrangler