Flood water


A shooter cutout stand in water after a big rain.

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Gritted teeth


It’s hard to be excited about the wedding I am going to tomorrow.  There has been family drama since day one.  My little sister is getting married.  It should be a happy day for all the family but Brother and I are dreading it. 

Let me explain somethings so you understand the situation.  When I was 21 and she was 18 she moved out of mom’s because she could not deal with it any more.  The it she said was brother. 

She moved in with Grandma N.  When she left Grandma N’ s she left trash piled up in the closet to the rod and under the bed.  She never called Grandma. At a family graduation she hugged all the aunt’s on mom side and chatted away but never even said hi to Grandma N.

She lived in Hays for a half year at the same time as me.  I tried to be nice and invited her to supper.  She would set a date and never show up and never call.

We won 4-H family of the year two years ago.  Mom, Brother, Wrangler, Sister, and me were there.  She said that she gave up a family (his) event to be here. 

Grandpa’s 90 Birthday was the same way.  Her boyfriend had to work.  Well mom just happened to be the same store as them the day before and she said they were heading to the lake.

She lives twenty miles away.  We see her maybe once during the year beyond Christmas.  It’s usually because she saw or heard something about us and she is noisy.  Wrangler switched jobs last July and she had to stop by to spy why he changed.  She sees us driving in her town of 8000 and she texts trying to figure out why we were over there.  Yet never even lets mom know happy Birthday of mother’s day.  At Christmas you only feel like you hear from her because she wants presents.

Well let’s just say since she has gotten engaged she has been on Brother to cut his hair and dye it natural for her wedding.  It’s made brother feel unexcepted.  One month from the wedding she sent nasty text messages to him about it and when he said no he was not cutting his hair it got really nasty.  My family is not supporting my big day.  Mom has asked and asked her what she can do to help.  All she has let mom do is make mints.  She text mom Tuesday saying she wants me to serve punch.  Mom text her back you need to contact your sister about it.  I have never heard anything.

I am praying for a good evening tomorrow but I am braced for the worse.  Wrangler might not go because he has seen all the drama and how Ben feels and feels the way she treats everyone like carp.  I am going out of respect for mom.  Brother is going for the same reason.

The picture was in the Texas Panhadle.  Wrangler told me to get my camera out and the dinosaur was why.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

List 27- 31for July

Here are the last of my July list.  Another month is completed.  What was suppose to be four of us ended up being one of us. SIL gave up because of advance pregnancy.  MIL got behind selling fireworks and never caught up.  BIL lost interest while at SIL.  Everybody but SIL plans to try again in August.

July 27-Things I love about my family
1. Have fun together
2. Supportive
3. Lake trips

July 28-What I love about Saturday’s
1. Time with Wrangler
2. Time at home
3. Catch up day
4. Cook outs

July 29-What I always order at my favorite restaurants
1. Beef and Cheddar
2. Enchilada
3. Fetticene Alfredo
4. Double cheeseburger

July 30-What I love to day dream about
1. Wrangler coming home
2. My future home
3. When we have kids

July 31-What I accomplished in July
1. Pulling weeds in the garden
2. Two Christmas presents finished
3. Babysitting the neighbor girl for a month

Here are the first few list for August.
August 1- Favorite August Memories
August 2- My favorite season and why
August 2-

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