June 28-30 lists

Here are the last three list for June.  We got a new list for July.  MIL, SIL, and BIL and I are doing another month.

June 28-Favorite comfort foods
1. Anything chocolate
2. Pepsi
3. Mountain Dew
4. Cashews
5. Sweet tea

June 29- What I loved about myself as a kid
1. Loved being outside
2. Always the responsible one
3. Being able to work on the farm
4. The reader I became
5. Being a tomboy

June 30- What is great about being a ____(gardener)
1. Watching things grow
2.  Picking produce and eating it
3. Playing in the dirt
4. Planting the seeds and plants
5. Preserving what I grow
6. Evenings spent in the garden

AS Mrs. Wrangler



The neighbor boy has his fireworks in our shop.  His sister who is eight hung out with me all day yesterday.  We started to make her dog Lacey a blanket.  She wants to learn to sew.  Kids seem to enjoy being around me.  Well my break is over and I am heading outside again.  Have a great one.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

List 21-27

Below is another week’s list that MIL, BIL, SIL, and I are doing.  I have almost accomplished these list for the month and the photo of the day challenge.

June 21-Things I would do if I had more time
1. Quilt more
2. Make more pallet chairs
3. Organize the storage room in the shop
4. Go on more walks

June 22- Happy moments I wish I could relive
1. My wedding day
2. My first deer hunt
3. Our first two dates
4. Brother eighth grade fishing trip
5. Times on the farm with K and C
6. Sale days at LaCrosse
7. Fishing with Dad

June 23-All the place I haved lived
1. B, Kansas (Where I live now so I am protecting the name)
2. Antonio, Kansas
3. Hays, Kansas
4. Lewis, Kansas
5. Fargo, Oklahoma
6.  Vici, Oklahoma

June 24-Favorite creative projects
1. Quilting
2. Knitting
3. Sewing
4. Card making
5. Scrapbooking
6. Woodworking
7. Writing
8. Baking

June 25-Things I have googled
1. My name
2. My town
3. Garden ideas
4. Receipes
5. Dirrections to towns
6. Images

June 26-My Dream Home
1. Log cabin
2. Two stories
3. Big kitchen
4. Hardwood floors
5. Big porch
6. Wood walls

June 27-Favorite icons and shapes
1. Circle
2. Rectangle
3. Square
4. Triangle

The remaining June list are:
28- Favorite comfort foods
29- What I loved about myself as a kid
30- What is great about being a ______

AS Mrs. Wrangler