five states

We started out yesterday in Sioux City, Iowa. There are three states right there in the city. Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. We went north into South Dakota for a load. Than back through Iowa to get to Missouri. We stopped and ate supper with Wrangler dad side of the family. Both of my boys made me proud on how well they behaved. His grandparents were complaining on how bad other relative’s dogs behave and ours were really good boys. They had already met Rex but Cinch sometimes can be hyper around other dogs and new people yet he was great . Than we hit the road and drove a hour or so through a tiny bit of Nebraska and Kansas. We are about five miles from Nebraska and maybe forty or so from Missouri in Northeast Kansas this morning. We are working on getting unloaded right now. Than we will be going after the next load.


mixed feelings

We stopped into see  Wrangler Dad’s side of the family.  Since Sunday his dad is now living there. I have mixed feelings about this side in a way. It seemed like everyone was fighting and yelling. I kept pretty quiet to prevent me from opening my mouth to far. I will post more about our day tomorrow. Have a great night.

Sioux City

Tonight we are in Sioux City Iowa. We dumped our load about miles from Wyoming and South Dakota this morning. Reloaded and headed east to dump. We do not know where we are headed tomorrow. We have showered and caught a big meal and are settled in for the night. Today we saw lots of distracted driving with cell phones and one lady doing her nails. Sioux City has the Missouri River here that we crossed. It’s pretty.

Have a great evening, AS Mrs. Wrangler Cowboy Truckers wife


Tonight we are in northwestern Nebraska fifty or so miles outside of Scittsbluff. We will dump our load tomorrow morning and head on somewhere to load. The landscape here running along the north Platte River is breathtaking. I like it and it has hills but at the same time you can see a ways off in between hills. We are settled in for the night. Today has been one of the safest out on the road. No one made us slam on the brakes.

For your safety

This is my fourth week in a row in the semi with Wrangler and I have noticed somethings.  Truckers are not all causes of accidents.  I have came to the conclusion that my husband has fast reflexes.  All semis are not slow.  We pass plenty of cars going below the speed limit.  Here are some tips to keep you and the family man-husband or wife-friend truck driver safe.

1.  When merging onto (for an example an interstate) the traffic on the entry ramp needs to yield to everyone else.  We have one car that we would have destroyed at fifty mph if Wrangler did not slam on the brakes when they cut us off merging.  Another car if the lane next to us was not open would have ran into my side of the semi.

2.  Use your turn signal.  Always use your turn signal.  Any other driver does not know what you are doing without it.  We about rearended a car last week who stopped dead in a forty-five mph zone without a turn signal.  If a turn signal would have been used we would have had time to react.

3.  Texting, Facebook, etc while driving.  I would say on the open highway two out of five drivers we pass are looking down at cell phones.  In the city areas it’s more like three out of five.  My seat is up enough where I can see it clear as day as we pass.

4.  Not using head lights in rainy or foggy conditions.  We come across numerous people when ever it’s rainy or foggy out that you can not see until the last moment because of lack of lights.

5.  Passing on the shoulders.  Passing on a shoulder is never a good idea.  One reason is because shoulders are not maintained as well as the road itself.  Also its a blind spot.

6.  Speeding in construction zones.  The poor construction workers are doing a job most of us would not want yet their lives are at risk because of distracted driving.

It may sound like I am on a soapbox but I am worried about your safety.  I am also hoping a little awareness will allow my husband and what ever kid he has of ours to come home to us every week.  Or me.  I hope everyone drives safe out there.  If you want to pass this on that is great.

Have a great week from this trucker’ s wife,

AS Mrs. Wrangler