New beginnings

I am ready for a new beginning career wise.  I am finding my last week very tedious and it surprises me how a job I once loved has became this way.  For the next month I am on a vacation.  Wrangler and I decided that it was time for me to be with him in the semi for a while.  It’s been a tough week for us and we need time together to grieve.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Wrangler’s grandma

Wrangler’s grandma did die today around lunch.  It has been a tough day for both of us.  The funeral looms to be sometime next week.  This is a tough time for both Wrangler as we deal with the loss of grandma’s who meant a lot to both of us.  I am glad for this week between funerals to help our emotions heal a little after my grandma last week. 

Wrangler’s grandma has been in the nursing home for ten plus years.  She was 61.  She never knew me.  By the time I came in the picture she was already gone mentally. 

Thanks for the support.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Upside down

The world has been tilted on the side since Wednesday when we got news of my grandma dying.  We have been through her funeral.  Will today I am back at work and only have five days left but my world went upside down.  We had an early morning phone call that Wranglers grandma is on her last legs.  They do not expect her to last very long like hours.  Wrangler went back to work.  I am working until we hear something.  Than I will head two and a half hours south to be with Wrangler and his family.  It’s a lot to take in after what was an already emotional time.  I am doing my best for every moment.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


I took yesterday off just to gain my feet back.  It was just another day around her.  Brother and Wrangler out in the shop.  I was in and out. I made a nice supper and oatmeal raisin cookies Brother’s favorite.   I am doing pretty well.

AS Mrs. Wrangler