Frozen horse


You can see the fog freezing in the air as Oreo ears.

AS Mrs. Wrangler



Today is Friday. I am really glad this long week at work is almost over.

I am ready for sometime with my hubby and four legged kiddos.  Today our nice weather has ended and we are back in the freezer.  I will probably ended spend time indoors this weekend.  Hopefully I will get some quilting time in.  This week I have quilted only once.  It’s been a crazy week.

On this Friday I am trying a pattern for my next knitting project.  My mom says it’s easy.  I think our definitions of easy are different.  It’s an Afghan pattern.  I am making for mother-in-law for Christmas.  I sent here pictures of the colors I was leaning towards and she liked them. I just was asking to see if they look good is what I told her.  She sent me a link to a pattern she found that she thought was cute.  It is the same pattern I had picked and had the same colors in it.  It was a sign I tell you.  Mom has made this pattern before and its beautiful.  She used up all of her odds and in yarn.

Today I am ending another week I had to get through until vacation.  I think Wrangler is more excited about me going with him than me.  That says a lot.  My husband has been acting weird of late.  He found a little kid really cute the other day.  He never says stuff like that.  He told his boss one day he is going to need to be home more because we are going to have kids and I will need some help.  I think he is getting close to being ready to start our family.  If only we can get our house built or decide on one to move in.  I get the feeling space is going to be needed with brother-in-law spending more and more time with us as it is.

I still have a case of the winter blues.  I am ready to garden, ride horses all the time, and have two or more hours of daylight at night.  My job makes me miserable so I need to be active to burn off being miserable in the evening.  I never knit at home since their is no big rush to get a project done.   I have my knitting with me at work and when we travel though and get a lot done.  I have been working on a quilt at home.  I am hand quilting it.  Hopefully by next Christmas it will be done so I can give it to brother.  I have been working on it for a couple years now.  It’s probably my last quilt to hand quilt until I have room for a sewing room again.  I want to make brother-in-law a quilt but just plan to tie it.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


As vacation comes closer time slows down.  Tonight has dragged on and on.  I am ready for the weekend to be here and Wrangler to be home.  Have forty eight work hours left until vacation.  Next Friday I will be celebrating freedom.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

I think all the time anymore.  I am working on figuring out the next step for me career wise.  I want to keep farm books but there has been no takers so far.  This week another idea popped in my brain.  I am researching to becoming a temp secretary.  My company can not find one for when I am on vacation.  Surely other companies in the area have the same problem.  I am miserable forty hours a week.  I am in a good mood in the mornings when I leave the house but by a half hour at work I am upset.  It takes a while for my mood to change from upset to okay in the evenings.  I feel like I am ten years older than I am right now because of all the stress.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

My therapy

To me therapy is being around my dogs and horses.  Felt beat down when I left work tonight.  After ten minutes brushing out the horses I felt so much better.  To bad daylight came to an end too soon.

AS Mrs. Wrangler