2014 be gone hopefully 2015 is better

I think I lost my tranny in my pick-up today. I am at work and went to lunch and I had no power to get anywhere. I thought maybe it was the snow packed streets. Nope I pull back up at the office and there was a puddle of red in the snow where I parked this morning. So I parked somewhere else and red is pouring onto the ground under my pick-up. I shut it off and call Wrangler and we both thought the same thing. It’s parked until Wrangler gets home and can deal with it.



As I get ready for work I am dreading today.  It’s negative eleven out with a wind chill of negative thirty. 


This one is asleep still.  Tomorrow I can stay home with him all day.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Hibernation time

I am ready to go into hibernation.  The weather is so cold.  The snow has turned people into idiots who go twice the speed the conditions call for.  The snow was suppose to be over but it’s snowed another inch since my arrival at work.  Tonight instead of looking at Christmas lights we are staying home to watch movies.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

My vacation

While on vacation I was so busy that I hardly posted.  For those of you who have seen updates I was on vacation from Tuesday at five until this morning.  I really enjoyed the time with my family.  Wrangler was off from the Thursday before Christmas until this morning.

I started out my vacation Tuesday evening with a horrific drive home in a snow storm with white out conditions.  The roads were not slick but not being able to see scared me pretty good.  It was dark by the time I got off work which did not help.  I was mad and upset because I was expected to stay and cover the office when someone lives less than a mile away and the other person who has a drive was worried about his drive.  Wrangler was pretty mad that I got the bad deal.  He is as tired of my job as I am.

Wednesday was a crazy busy day but good.  Wrangler cooked the turkey mom won at an open house on the grill.  I put finishing touches on our house and finished up my last gift I had to make.  Mom, Brother, Sister, and her fiance came over for supper and the presents that involved sister.  The best part of the meal was the stuffing Wrangler made.  Sliced celery, baby carrots, green onions,  sliced apples.  It had tons of flavor.  Wrangler got clothes and dvds from sister and I got a scarf, soaker hoses, and a dish drying mat.  It was a late night by the time mom and I got dishes washed and food put away.

Thursday Christmas day was a nice day.  We started opening gifts at ten.  Both brother and Wrangler wanted to sleep in.  After opening gift I made green bean casserole and a ham to add to the food from Christmas Eve.  Mom made me a poncho.  I love the colors and I am wearing it today.  My husband has listened to me complain about my old temperamental sewing machine for four months.  He took my hint and bought me a new machine.  I got it out finally and played last night.  Rest of the day we played board games.  Brother could not win anything and was frustrated by the end of the day.

Friday Wrangler took his truck to the detail shop in Colby.  We started changing the exhausted out on his semi.  We also started to detail the outside of the semi.  We worked from ten to seven Friday.  I was tired when we got home.

Saturday we went back to work on the semi.  It was another long day.  Wrangler must have been pretty proud of me working hard for two days because he took a picture of me working and posted it to Facebook saying my wife has helped me for two days changing the exhaust and wax the truck.

Yesterday was a day of getting back to normal.  I spent the day making Wrangler truck bed, packing his bag, cleaning up the house.  We were suppose to get BIL but that did not work out.  He is on his way now.  It was a day of knowing vacation is over.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Vacation over


Pretty dune sunset.  Today is my return to work.  This is going to be a long week.  I am having trouble sleeping the last few nights.  I been having bad dreams about work.  BIL is still not here even though he was suppose to be here the 26 and than yesterday.  Wrangler is heading out at any moment.

Have a great week.

AS Mrs. Wrangler