Labor Day lake


I wish the weather was nice and I was here right now.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Traveling today

Today is the Thanksgiving with Wrangler side.  It maybe a long 24 hours.  SIL and her husband or whatever as he likes to call him are riding with us.  They live a hour and a half northeast of us.  They do not have a vehicle that will make the trip.  I hope SIL has grown up since the last time I seen her because she is a rude bossy spoiled little brat.

Last trip with her, Wrangler and I had only been dating a couple of months when Wrangler’s great grandma in Missouri died.  I was the only one with a vehicle who was big enough (Wrangler had a regular cab pick-up) or that would make the trip ( Wrangler’s dad broke down on the way to Wrangler’s).  Wrangler’s dad and SIL threw a horrible fit about who gets the front passenger seat.  I got stuck with a whiny teenager and BIL who loved my bag of activities for the seven hour trip.  It was the start of BIL and my bonding.  She was a bossy little snot the whole trip.  Wrangler and I felt used.  The next Missouri trip they wanted to ride with us and it was a oh hell no.

SIL I do not trust at all.  She’s went through my purse before.  She crashed our computer by downloading carp.  She rearranged my whole kitchen while I slept one night.  The last time she stayed with us she had a slushy that she got that night.  When she was leaving I found it spilled in the console of the loveseat.  She said I was the one who done it.  Wrangler told her she was no longer welcomed here overnight.  I am the bad guy to her but I really do not care because she is a brat.

She was still a brat in June when she got married to whatever.  I was never so embarrassed in a restaurant. 

I told Wrangler last night here are my rules and he agreed.  Number one I get shotgun because my name is on the bank account that paid for it and on the title.  Number two the duct tape goes and I can threaten with it.  Number three the first time she bosses me in my own pick-up is her first and last warning that she will be walking next time.  He tolerates his sister and that is it.

I hop I am dreading this for nothing but I have a feeling.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

black Friday

Today on black Friday I find myself in the semi with Wrangler and BIL. Yesterday was a great low drama holiday. This year I am thankful for my good health. Being sick so close to Thanksgiving makes me realize how lucky I am most days health wise. I am thankful for four days to spend with Wrangler. I am thankful for the time with BIL who said “its good to be up here. I miss coming up here.” I am thankful for our dogs who bring so much company and joy to our life. I am thankful for our horses who are such majestic animals. I am thankful for my family. And friends who will do chores for me when I am not able.