Cactus growing wild.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Pissed off this Monday

I woke up in a great mood until I looked at my email.  There is one of Wrangler’s co-workers who has made his life he’ll.  He sent me a message on Facebook last night trying to start something.  Well he pissed Wrangler and I off.  This harrasement has to stop.  I am ready for Wrangler to switch jobs because this is beyond old between this guy and the boss.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Big laugh

Some guy in his late twenties decided to drive his four wheeler into the pond across the road.  He buried it not even five feet in.  Wrangler offered to pull him out but he said no.  We laughed hard for ten minutes while he got covered with mud getting it unstuck.

AS Mrs. Wrangler