Cool rock



Flower Friday

I am glad that today is Friday.  I have came to the conclusion I am efficient at my job and that is why it seems,slow at work.  Our crew finished another building last night.  Work this week has been slow but I have been reading a new series. 

Tomorrow I do not have to work.  Plan is tonight and tomorrow get the garden in.  Sunday start pricing our garage sale stuff for next weekend.  Maybe a quick ride Sunday.

A truck driver at Wrangler’s work is quitting in July this means change for us.  Wrangler was told in February if he would just wait he would end up in the truck full time and have no more mill duties.  Well two rumors are going around.  One is they are hiring another driver and one is they are looking for mill help.  Either Wrangler will be moved in to the driver job or he will be looking for a new job since the manager passed him over.

Last night I came home to this.  It makes me happy our lot has had progress.