Fish and dirt

Yesterday BIL woke up and said can we go fishing.  We spent the afternoon at the lake.  We caught more channel catfish and I took a ton of pictures at the lake.

Today we are having high winds and blowing dirt.  There have been accidents.  Please pray for moisture to end our drought.


Fishing Trip

We got up and left the house at nine thirty.  It was thirty eight out when we left.  I prepared for the words I am cold from BIL who is twelve.  Mom and Brother joined on our trip.  We went to a lake a hour away.  We stopped at Wal-Mart and got some supplies.  Then we stopped in the small town ten miles from the lake shore SIL moved to a couple of months ago and met her.  We talked for a few and headed out to the lake.  It took forever to get the boat in the water.  Than I got BIL fishing.  Mom and I fixed lunch.  After lunch SIL and her boyfriend showed up.  BIL, brother, and I fished from the dock for a while.  We were starting to think that it was to cold still for the fish when Wrangler pulled a fish in that we never expected.  He pulled in a twelve inch channel catfish from the shore.  A few minutes later brother pulled in a ten inch channel and a few minutes later a nine inch channel.  Ten minutes later when we were going boat fishing I pulled in a ten inch channel.  Out in the boat I was the only on to catch a fish and I pulled in a five inch channel.  We released what we caught.  We usually release until twenty inches on channel unless they swallow the hook.  Any crappie over four inches we would have kept.  We loaded the boat at six and was home by seven thirty.  BIL may have not caught any thing but he asked when he can go again.  Yesterday it got to sixty but it was pretty windy.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Eyes Ache

Right now my eyes hurt.  The dye they used on one of my test caused itching and irritation.  The eye doctor suggested a shower when I got home to help.  I did that and I still have some irritation.  I will have glasses in a week to ten days.