Blue Friday

Today I am a little blue and short tempered.  Last night one of Wrangler’s co-workers posted something kind of hurtful on Facebook about my husband.  That co-worker is now blocked as his friend.  This is the second comment this week that has been rude and mean.  We think we have the source of the rumors about Wrangler quitting his job figured out.

Yesterday my lower back, right hip, and right knee ached.  By the time I went to bed I was having trouble with cramps forming.  I hardly slept because of it.

This morning I am off from work because I have to work tomorrow.  I am going to be mad if I took four unpaid hours off and the ice storm comes through causing me not to be able to get to work.  We need money because I took ten hours off in February because of weather and it made our budget pretty tight for the month.  Also the short month meant less days worked to began with.  I am also paid hourly.  I will lose a total of 26 hours between the weather and the short month.  That is over half a week’s check.  That is with out problems possibly tomorrow.  Wrangler is on salary which is nice but be also does not have a twenty mile drive like I do. 

February has brought extra vehicle expenses to which has caused us to have a really tight budget.  I am sorry to vent but it’s been a frustrating month for our budget where nothing is going away for a rainy day. We paid off the last bill on getting the lot set up this month.  This will help our budget out in March.

I made a Birthday cake this morning.  Wrangler birthday is tomorrow and my mom’s is Sunday.  I am making one cake for the both of them.  I really did not have much house work today because last night Wrangler and I split the chores and got them done in record time.

Have a great weekend, 

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Dumb driving moves that make me mad

The last couple of weeks when ever I am driving to and from work I am struck by stupidity.  I started writing these down.

  • Pulling out in front of someone who is going seventy causing me to slam my breaks to the floor.  Than end up going twenty below the speed limit.  Has happened three times by the same vehicle.
  • Not using a blinker especially in town.
  • People going seventy five and passing in an icy lane when the road conditions call for forty.
  • People not having lights on days weather conditions call for them like blowing snow or fog.
  • People on their cell phones not paying to the streets in town.  Kids are hit almost every morning.  I do make calls but I have a hand free setup and never talk in town.
  • People pulling out in front of you to go less than a block to turn.
  • People tail gating me.  Really bad in the school zone.
  • People driving with small holes scrapped in the frost.
  • People reading or watching something going down the road.

This is my list so far.  I get a little frustrated with the stupid drivers out there some days.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

cold is back

The cold is back here in Northwest Kansas.  We had some nicer weather for a few  before it started to move back in yesterday.  Yesterday because it was cool and dreary we helped our friends who are getting there new place ready to move into ready.  I helped the wife in the kitchen while Wrangler helped the husband.  Wrangler spent the afternoon helping the husband again today.  We headed the rest of the way into town and ate supper and ran to Wal-Mart.  

Today was a busy morning at work but a slow afternoon.  I have supper in the oven waiting on Wrangler to get him.

AS Mrs. Wrangler