We have three to four inches of snow.  Tonight we can get up to another five inches of snow.  I am grateful for the moisture but I hate driving in snow.  It took forty-five minutes to get to work this morning when it usually takes twenty.  I got to take one of the big pick-ups today.  My pickup does not have a lot of rear weight to it so it slides easy.  The interstate was snow packed and icy.  

AS Mrs.Wrangler


Wrangler’s diagnosis

Wrangler went to the doctor to learn he has a cough more than likely caused by dirt that has similar symptoms to bronchitis.  He works around grain every day.  Also we gave had five major dirt storms in the two weeks and about as many minor ones.  They gave him antibiotics and steroids to take.

Last night he was not as grumpy and a little onrey.  He felt like playing with Cinch and Rex also.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Wednesday Blues

Today  I am just here.  My boss left early Saturday morning for the trip he won.  He will not be back until late Saturday.  They still do not have a salesman hired and started.  We are getting close on that front but are not there yet.  It’s been me alone in the office.  Nothing is happening the majority of the day.  When something does happen its not good.  Something like that happened for three days out of three.  I am ready to my office to return to normal.  I also have to work til noon Saturday covering the office.  This has been a tough month at work for me because I have either been alone or I have been sick.

I think I am over the majority of my bronchitis.  I do cough every now and then but it’s hours until the next one.  I also seem to have normal energy levels and appetite.  Wrangler is still sick.  Last night when I got home he was complaining about itching.  We found out he was allergic to Dylsom.  We called the doctor and they said give him Benydril and if he had problems breathing over night take him to the ER.  The benydril helped and he has an appointment today.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


I am feeling the hankering to bring home a stray.  I really want a bottle calf or two but no luck on that so far.  Online gathering places to sell stuff is going to get me in trouble.  

It started out yesterday when Wrangler sent me a link to a nice saddle.  My saddle is either in Oklahoma where my father-in-law use to work or he still has it and because his girlfriend needed a saddle hid it when we went to pick everything up.  The last time I saw it in Oklahoma it was tore up.  I need a smaller saddle than most adults.  I am really tiny as everyone likes to point out.  I am tall at five nine but I can wear fourteen girls jeans if that gives you an idea.  Most saddles for adults are to wide for my slight build.  Wrangler saddle is not comfortable to me at all.  

Well when I was on that website I found two give away cowdogs and two cheap horses that looked liked they need good homes.  I wanted to bring them home.  I love all of our four legged kids and can always add a couple more.

AS Mrs. Wrangler