Happy Halloween

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween.  If you are out and about I hope you are safe.  I did not dress up.   I have candy but doubt I will have many tricker treaters because of our location in town.  There is also a football game tonight that most will be going to.

Happy Halloween, 

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Winter is sitting in

I have a feeling winter is settling in.  The weather has been in the forties more days than above fifty the last two weeks.  It still not really cold at night but with the wind can be plenty of fridged in the mornings.  Yesterday was the first day that I could see my breath freeze.

We are getting close to moving.  Wrangler and my family slaved the weekend away covering up the sewer and water trenches.  Late this week the electrician and the telephone company who we get our internet through is suppose to get stuff in.  After we cover that trench up Wrangler will do dirt work one last time.  Than we will move.  We are forgoing cement until spring at this point.  Wrangler is saying we will be hooking up to move soon but I am still say Thanksgiving time not to get my hopes up.  It will be time to truly celebrate when moving day happens.  It is also the next step in our lives.  Yes Wrangler and I bought something that we call our home but it is mobile at the same time.  After almost a year of having way to close neighbors we will have our own land also.  Our hone will finally sit on land that others really have no influence over us.  Plus all we will have is utilities.  I have pAid rent for six years that has been money down the drain.  Our money will actually show for something.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

parts hunting

Does anybody else out there get sent to town with the purpose of getting parts?  Two times in the last two times I have been in town Wrangler has a parts order for me.  The thing is no one seems to carry the parts he needs.  I also do not know anything about what he needs so I can not really answer the salesman question.  I got home Friday after going five places after work to learn that some idiot who over stepped his boundaries already fixed the problem.  Today I was all over the place hunting propane fittings.  After three places I called and talked to someone different at the first place.  I can have that in by the morning was his response.  I am grateful and hope it is the right piece.


AS Mrs. Wrangler