Nice old truck

Nice old truck by Mrs.Wrangler
Nice old truck, a photo by Mrs.Wrangler on Flickr.

This truck was in the parade and car show.


rain and craziness

Last night I went to the homecoming game for my hometown.  Yesterday the parade was canceled because of rain.  By the time the game started though it was perfect.  Not hot, not cold, no wind.  With six minutes left the wind came up and a storm was moving in.  Mom and I went to her pick-up to watch the game at halftime they rained delayed the game at 28 home -visitors 6.  They did half time in the gym.  One of my best friends son’s was crown bearer.  What a cute little cowboy he is.  After a hour they try to start the game again but it was called because another round of storms was moving in.

AS Mrs. Wrangler