God Made A Cowboy

I was e-mailed this by one of my college friends right after the dodge truck commercial “God Made A Farmer” came out.  It is a favorite of mine.  When its describing the cowboy it is describing to men in my life one as a father figure Dad (my father-in-law) and one as the man I married my Wrangler.  When it describes the cowboy’s wife it is scary how well it describes me.  I guess that is why I can relate so well to these words.

On the 8th day God made the farmer, but he was not done…  He looked down on the wilds of his untamed earth and said “I need someone who will never be broken”.  And so his greatest work began. 

First he filled their belly full of guts and hearts full of try, then he called them a Cowboy.  He needed someone who could handle a horse, teach them, tame them, but never break them.  Someone whose soul  needed the saddle and would not change with the world around them.  So God made a Cowboy.

He needed someone who could find a hot bull in a hundred section pasture, ride a bronc, hold a family together, read a brand, let wrong doings go, and pull a tight cinch. God needed someone who didn’t mind dusty cow pens, Smokey branding irons, long days, and cold nights. So God made a Cowboy.

It had to be someone who could make a living with their rope, cow dog, and a few good horses.  Someone who would never know a 40 hour week, nor care too.  He needed to create a proud man, one who would take a stand and whose greatest complement would be to have his kids call him handy.  So god made a Cowboy. 

But after he created the cowboy, he was far from done.  While his creation was tuff and untamed, they would need more than just a good horse to share his name, and no ordinary woman would understand… the cowboy. 

God needed to create a woman who didn’t want store bought roses by the dozen but rather wild flowers seldom picked and sweet cowboy loven.  He needed someone who could take a good cussing in the working pens, love unconditionally, and forgive.

Someone who could open her own doors, sweep tack room floors, look past muddy boots on kitchen floors, keep a house, and have an eye for a good horse.  Someone who didn’t need lavish and flattery but would find joy in a spring born colt.  Someone who could raise babies, fix fence, patch jeans, and never waver in hard times of cowboy life…So God made a cowboy’s wife. 

And when God fashioned the cowboy and his wife, he made them in his exact likeness and image, and blessed them for all their earthly life.

Now that I shared some words that I did not write but touches my heart I am going to go do the dishes and mop the floor.

Smile its Friday 🙂

AS Mrs. Wrangler


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