lake bound

Well post again Monday.  Until then I will be at the lake with poles in the water.


lifes little things

Yesterday was a sad day as we laid a wonderful yet fun woman to her final resting spot.  I only knew her three years.  A lot more contact came with the computer and phone than in person.  Yet this woman was strong and giving.  She was Wrangler aunt.  Our cousin k sobbed in her dad’s lap which made me shed some tears.  They played the saddest song I ever heard which caused me to shed some tears.  Watching her brothers deal with another sibling gone caused me to shed some tears.  Well this lady who has been struggling for the last year as cancer has taken over her body is home.  To a place of no pain.

I was sad many times yesterday.  A little touch from grandma or another family member helped.  Wrangler with his arm around me helped.  I love that man and he is my rock.  Funerals always effect me since my Dad died.  Hugs help.  Telling good memories helps.  Being able to see family who lives so far away was wonderful.  Even the princess and the most wild obnoxious three year old I ever met did not take away from the connecting.  Last funeral on that side of Wrangler family was horrible.  There was almost a fist fight.  I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the family.  This time though I enjoyed it more.

The best thing of yesterday though was our five minute stop at the Missouri river when we crossed it.  The beauty of nature touched my soul.  It made the sadness wash awAy. Wrangler and I had a long drive home but we spent a lot of it talking.

The little things are what make life living.  Yesterday it was connecting, touches, talking, a stopping for,a moment to enjoy life that made my day.

AS Mrs. Wrangler