Brother-in-law checking out the go cart


A Long Version of Brother-In-Law’s Visit so far

Friday I typed out a long detailed version of Thursday the day he arrived.  Here is rest of it.


I let BIL (brother-in-law) sleep until nine in the morning.  He says he has been getting up at eleven or noon all summer but that does not fly here.  I got him around.  This was a slow process compared to just getting me around. 

After he got around we went downtown.  We got the mail.  We then headed up to my Mom’s house and got bats and a bike for him to play with.  We then went to the park and played tether ball for a while.  Than we went to look at Brother’s pigs and goats.  I got bit by a pig.

After we looked at animals we went down to the grocery store and picked up the few things we needed to get through the weekend.  Than we headed back to the house.  We read books, worked on an art project, and played cards to kill the afternoon.  It was really humid out so we did not spend much time outdoors.

When Wrangler got home we spent the evening playing baseball.  Fixing BIL bike seat.  Than Brother came over and the guitar hero and football wars happened.


Saturday morning it was cold and windy.  Saturday’s high all day was 72 but it was cloudy and with the wind it felt colder all day.  We went about twenty-five miles to the northwest to a threshing show.  They had lots of old equipment, tractors, and steam engines. 

There were like 17 buildings to go through plus there were rows and rows of tractors and equipment.  There were two parades of equipment.  I think the best building for kids to stop in is the Print Shop.  The guy was really great with kids and BIL now has a stamp with his name on it like they would have used to make a line on a newspaper on the old days.  He also let BIL print a couple of postcards and take them home. 

The highlight of the day in Wrangler’s book was getting to drive a steam engine through the second parade.  The highlight of my day was the stage coach ride.  BIL favorite thing was when a snake scared me and riding the steam engine that Wrangler was driving.  We were there from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon.  It cost $7 a piece for Wrangler and me.  $3 for BIL.  I thought the food and drinks were really affordable also.  We spent a total of $33 dollars on that day making an average of $11 per person.  That was not bad at all for entertainment and one meal.

On our way home we stopped by my Grandma’s for a quick visit.  We then came home.  We decided that we were tired and did not want to cook so we were going to eat at the restaurant.  BIL threw a fit.  I never had someone so young be so silent, stubborn, and pissed.  Wrangler and I ordered food to go and took him home.  After sulking for two hours it was over.


Sunday was the prettiest day I have seen in forever.  It was 62 high out.  There was a light rain or mist all day.  I let the guys sleep in until almost eleven.  BIL and I made bread dough.  We made pigs in the blankets for supper out of it and monkey bread.  We had a six hour long game of monopoly to keep us entertained during the day.  I was the only one who even stepped a foot outside all day.


Yesterday Wrangler had off since he works Saturdays during August.  He has Sunday and Monday off.  We got up before BIL and woke him up around nine.  Wrangler went up to Mom’s and got here camper ready to go.  I stayed here and got BIL dressed and to eat breakfast.  Than I got ready for my interview. 

We headed out to town five of us in a five passenger pick-up.  Wrangler unhooked the camper at the fairgrounds before taking me to my interview and dropping me off.  He went back to the fairgrounds to get the AC in the camper and Mom entered what needed entered that day.  After my interview since I was already at the grocery store I got our groceries for a couple of weeks.  We headed back home.

When we got here BIL ran the vacuum for me when he saw that I was getting ready to.  I swept the kitchen and cleaned cabinets.  As soon as he was done he started to play video games.  Wrangler and I mowed and after that while Wrangler tinkered I practiced roping.  The whole time BIL was inside.  We finally drug him outside to help us with a project.  As soon as it was done he was back inside.  Wrangler said he had to stop playing games.  BIL started to sulk again but not nearly as bad as like the other night.  He went back inside but only to watch tv.  I cooked supper and we ate.  Around nine Mom and Brother showed up needing help drawing plans for brother’s welding project.  It was almost midnight by the time they were done.  At that time BIL was dragging out monopoly wanting to play.  He was mad when he was told to put it away and go to bed.


So far today moving slow is the word.  It was a few minutes before nine when I woke BIL up.  Here it is 10:55 and he is now just getting dressed.  He has ate breakfast though.  He has spent the morning playing with the dogs, and balls, and bats, and masks, and beads.  Since we have no where to be this morning I have not rushed him along at all.  We have to leave here a little after one to take a rabbit to the fair that was forgotten this morning.  This moved up our time to leave a hour and a half but oh well.  Today we are going to the rabbit show, than to a parade.  After Wrangler gets off work he will come over and join us.  We will eat supper and go to the rodeo later tonight.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

interview today

I have an interview today.  I am not nervous or anything.  She called at 9:40 on Friday wanting me to be there for an interview at 10:00.  The problem is I live twenty minutes away in the town to the west.  If that was my first test I failed and I could care less.  If she gave me forty minutes I would have tried.  I asked if I could go in the afternoon and she said no.  I just got a bad impression over the phone.  This job would be one I worked at while continuing looking for a better position.  It’s not what I want to do with my life that’s for sure.  Wrangler is off today so he will watch BIL (brother-in-law) while I interview.  At this point I am willing to start any job two weeks from today so we have more money coming in so that we can get the lot set up faster so we can get moved sooner.  We will see what is offered if I get the job.

AS Mrs. Wrangler