Busy Week Ahead

This is going to be a busy week.  Today I work one of my last three work days.  Wednesday is my last day of work.  I think I am going to miss this job a little bit except for the stupid coworker.  The evenings will be spent packing.  Thursday will be spent getting all the pick-ups hooked up to there trailers and moving the first half hour down the road to my father-in-law (dad) house.  Thursday night my mom and brother should arrive there.  We will be leaving around five am on Friday to move the remaining five hours.  It will probably be a seven or eight hour trip.  Wrangler will set the pace pulling our big thirty-seven foot home.  He will average about sixty mph.  We hope to make it to our new home on Friday.  If not we will send mom and brother ahead and Wrangler and I will just pop out one slide for our bed and crack open the Windows.  Saturday will be a day of getting everything set up.  Sunday I plan to drag Wrangler to the pool or my Grandma’s to have a little relaxing time before he starts work Monday.  I know when we get there Cinch and Rex will probably not want to see us for a couple of days as the play in the jungle of mom’s backyard.


Staying Cool

Today the temperature is near a hundred.  As the day goes on the temp keeps rising and rising.  I am a smart one.  I am inside in the ac with two fans blowing on me.  Wrangler on the other hand is outside tinkering on his pick-up.  I guess the heat does not make him tired like it does me.  Rex is inside with me while Cinch is outside with his daddy.  I am thinking about taking a nap now since I hardly slept last night.  I have gotten some packing done today.  I am almost to the point where I am out of boxes.  I need to clean the main area today and I will be caught up on cleaning.  All I have to do for supper is cook.  The prep work is done.

Have a great afternoon,

AS Mrs. Wrangler

P.S.  I am on Xanga and Flickr as mrswrangler.

Last Saturday as Oklahoma Residents

Today is our last Saturday in Oklahoma as residents.  I am sure we will be back as tourists as we will be visiting Dad (my father-in-law) every now and then.  On this last Saturday we have been running around all morning.  This afternoon I have been doing some house work and Wrangler was working outside until it got to hot out.  Now that it is hot out we are kind of being lazy and hiding out in the dark watching “Mountain Men” on the history channel. I am just glad for once that the tv is tuned into something that is not to bad.  I am the only one awake.  Wrangler is asleep on the couch.  Cinch is asleep in the other recliner next to me.  Rex is asleep on the floor next to my recliner.

Tonight we are going to grill steaks on the grill.  Wrangler has the steaks marinating in the fridge and I am going to grill corn on the cob still in the husks.  Otherwise we are working on accomplishing the list of things that needs done before the move.  My boss made my last day Wednesday instead of Thursday.  So Thursday I can help Wrangler tear down the house and get it hooked up to the pick-up.  I have the bedroom breakables down and ready for the move.  There is not much left to do in the bedroom until the day before we move when Wrangler wants to have all the clothes out of the closet.

Last night Wrangler and I got a lot done on the outside stuff.  Tonight though I am afraid we are going to get thunderstorms and maybe some severe weather.  So we will not be working until ten outside tonight.  We sat outside and enjoyed the quiet nice night for a bit after that.  I also worked on Cinch’s obedience training last night.  Rex is trained really well but Cinch still has a few glitches I am trying to work out.  He will lay in the same spot for a long while on the ground but if you get him in the back of the pick-up he wants to jump out still or moving.  So now that I can get him to lay still on the ground I have gotten to where he will get in the back of the pick-up if I sit on the tail gate.  I can now get him to lay down for around five minutes before he wants to get up and jumps out.  I just got to keep working with him until he gets better.

Have a great Saturday,


AS Mrs. Wrangler

Three Day Weekend

Today is the first day in my three day weekend.  Only have four days left before we move of work.  Here is a list of things to do before we move.

  • Work four days.  
  • Move all the clothes from the front of the trailer to the back to distribute weight better.
  • Clean up the remaining dog poop.  There is none out there as of this morning.
  • Take all of my dishes out of cabinets and temporary pack them.
  • Zip tie all cabinet doors shut.
  • Clean the rv.
  • Catch up on laundry.  At this moment it’s all caught up.
  • Empty the freezer out some more so we do not have to have much chance of spoilage.
  • Say goodbye to our few friends and family members.
  • Wrangler has the pick-ups as ready to go as possible.

Well I better go get started.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

To My Coworkers

As I get ready to move I have something to say about each of my coworkers.  Even though I am not going to tell the bad ones to their face I need to get it out of my mind.


Owner and his wife-  I have enjoyed working for you guys.  I am glad you are here for this small community.  You guys are dedicated to making this town a better places.  You have a easy going work place.


Meat market man-  On my first day girls warned me that you would not be nice for long.  Thanks for the laughter you have caused me.  Thanks for making sandwiches for awesome coworker and I on days when we had no time to fix anything or get anything to eat for ourselves.


Awesome coworker- Thank you for telling me about the job.  Thank you for being the other smart one and for helping me not kill anyone.  Thanks for helping me confuse meat market man.


Youngest coworker- Thanks for all ways brightening the day with being a clutz.  I will not miss be mistaken for each other.  I can not believe that everyone thinks we are sisters when we look nothing alike really.


Tater salad- You are a pain in the rear.  Btw you messed up the bread order and its all your fault.  Most days I wanted to throw something at you for being a smart aleck.  Though when we worked on back stock we sure cleared the back room out. You will make a good cop.  P.S.  You will find a woman one day who will make you want to do things you say you will never do like getting married and having kids.


My replacement- You seem really cool.  I am sorry that tater is your brother-in-law.  Have fun working with annoying constantly.


Annoying- You have about drove me to drink or pull my hair out.  You have made me a bigger chocolateholic than ever putting up with you.  Wrangler and I are not ready to have kids yet.  We want two when we do and spread out.  Stop saying we should get pregnant.  I have enough pressure from mother-in-law about that subject.  I am bowed legged so get over it.  It’s from riding horses.  I know about it and live with it.  You tell me this almost as much as having kids.  You are lazy and never pull your weight.  You are annoying and really piss me off.  You are a drama queen and really need to get over yourself.

Now that I got it out there about annoying I am going to go make fried chicken since Wrangler asked for it.


AS Mrs. Wrangler


Time moving slow

Time is going way to slow.  I am ready for my last day of this job to be here so we can move.  I have a week from Thursday and than the moving process will start. Since turning in my two weeks time has went way to slow.

My brother found we were moving.  He has not answered my calls or texts but now he is excited that we are moving.  Wrangler and I are trying to figure stuff out.  Like how we are going to get stuff up there. How many trips and drivers we need.  If all of our vehicles are road worthy.

My mom is helping out a lot like getting our new PO BOX reserved and much more.  She is getting as much done as possible on her end for us.  Yet I have not thought about packing my breakables yet since I still will need them.  All I have to do is wrap them up and we will be ready to pull out with our home.  I will probably do this my last day before the move and get pizza the night before.

Well I better go figure something out for supper,

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Job Hunting

I hate the job hunting process.  It does not matter if you live in the town you are looking in or if you are hours away and looking on the internet.  We are moving mid June and I am trying to find a job a state away.  So far I have not had any luck finding a job but I am not to worried.  Since I am going home to my hometown I know enough people who can keep me busy temporarily. 

The important thing is Wrangler has a job where we are moving to.  His having a job is the whole reason why we are moving.  We were waiting on him to find a job first and know we were moving before I started to look for a job.

I hope that I can find a job fast but right now is the busy time in the agriculture in the area I grew up.  There should be something available some where.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

P.S.  My mom is so excited that we are coming home that she is helping out as much as possible.  She got our PO BOX reserved so we know our new address so we can put the forward through next week.