Waiting traffic out

We had a great day until we hit the interstate.  It is crowded.  We are in a truck stop and showered and are.  We are going to bed now until dark.  

The river pics are of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers near where they merge.  The other pic I snapped of the boys in my seat together while Wrangler was pulling around to park at the truck stop after fueling up.

Awesome morning

This morning my mood is awesome.  It is a great day.  It’s kind of like being on vacation but not.   Before the truck went down I was looking forward to being home for two weeks.  But those two weeks I had at home my mood was not good because of the stress of the truck being down.  Yesterday was kind of chaotic with driving four hours to the truck.  Than getting everything settled into the truck.  Than getting loader.  By the time we got loaded I was exhausted.  But Wrangler wanted to drive more.  Since I am just along for the ride I went with it.  This morning I am refreshed.  I am excited to get a new state this trip. And am excited to see some territory I have only been through once six years ago when we were engaged and Wrangler’s boss at the time sent us after a new truck.

This quest 

On this quest we are on we are now within 12 hours of the endzone as we call it a night.  We are near Poplar Bluff, Missouri tonight.   We have three days to travel the remaining distance.   We stopped where we are because this place looked cool.  We thought about stopping at the Fantastic Caverens in Springfield but learned it would be 50 for both of us.  If we had that much to spare we would be at the lake right now not on the road.

On the road 

We are in the rental car on our way across the state to the truck.  It just got done.  We are packed for anywhere from 10 to 17 days.  After two weeks down we need to run.  We will pick up the truck in the morning.  Then we will load and head to the east coast.  Wrangler might get to see the ocean for the first time.  We can’t unload until Tuesday morning and it’s a 15 hour trip if we go through Atlanta and a 18 hour trip to avoid Atlanta.   We both agree to avoid Atlanta unless it could be like 3 a.m. when we got it.


Today my garden is two-thirds of the garden planted.  My mom has her half planted.   We will finish in the morning.  Wrangler learned that there is a chance that his part will be in tomorrow.  Otherwise should be here Friday.  My husband is ready to ride.


The part for the semi is coming from China.  This is why we are selling it.  It has a rare motor and parts are hard to find.  It might be here by Friday.  Wrangler is at the end of his rope.  He is ready to run.  MIL boyfriend showed his true colors once again.  Wrangler asked to rent his truck and he said no. If it was one of his sons or the princess aka SIL  the answer would have been different.   He treats BIL and Wrangler like the dirty step children and it irritates me.  MIL  treats them the same way.  If it would stop raining Wrangler could work for a farmer but it’s to wet.