I am blessed to be able to be a stay at home wife when we have no kids.  I am blessed with this last year and a half of traveling with Wrangler in the semi he drives with our two dogs Cinch and Rex.  I am blessed too have seen many states in the truck he has at the moment.  

With changes coming to our future in the next couple of weeks I am a little scared.  What happens if the new truck is not as comfortable for all four of us.  There are financial risks on this new truck. What happens if any thing breaks in the next few months before it really gets going hard.  But the risk can pay off big for us.  The regulations are getting striker every year.

We are on the road and today we have encountered a few idoit out on the road already.  Including a lady who flipped us off as we passed because she was pulled over for speeding.  

Weird couple of weeks 

I am having a weird couple of weeks.  We head out for the second week in a row on Wednesday.  I am tired of the heat.  I am ready for fall tempatures.  I have not been sleeping very well because of the heat.  My back acted up last week and is still tender at times.

One of those nights

It’s been one of those nights.  Wrangler thought he heard a phone ringing in the closet at two a.m.  He has been restless since then.  Him being restless makes me the light sleeper restless.  So after maybe four hours of sleep I am wide awake.  Well I might be able to nap around 8.  

We are still home.  Wrangler put the truck into the shop again.  You see he is trying to get a few things fixed because if everything goes well we will not be in that truck anymore.  Wrangler has found a driver for it.  Wrangler should be able to pick up his new to him truck and trailer sometime in the next couple of weeks.  

Yesterday morning I worked in the flower beds and garden.  I am pretty much caught back up again.  In the afternoon I deep cleaned my kitchen.  It needed it after the garden frenzy this weekend.  It’s so much easier to clean when Wrangler is not home or is outside.  I just mopped my floor which was my last step and he comes in and makes his leftover lunch.  I cleaned rest of the house which was not so bad. Last night I checked for hazardous bugs on my viney things and on my broccoli and cabbage.  We were ran inside a hour before dark by thunder storms.  We got a big rain and unfortunately some marble sized hail.  I am not looking forward to seeing the damage and setbacks my garden has again.  It’s been a rough year.  This is the fifth hail.  One week had three hails.

Family pictures 

Here are the family pics from Niece’s party.

SIL family.

The kids.  

Front l to r.  Me, SIL husband, Niece, SIL.  

Back l to r.  Wrangler, BIL.

The kids and MIL.  

Front l to r.  Me, SIL husband, Niece, SIL, MIL.  

Back l to r.  Wrangler, BIL.

Grandparents and kids.

Front l to r. Sheba, Niece.

Back l to r. MIL boyfriend, MIL, SIL.

Grandparents and niece.

MIL and boyfriend.


Wrangler and me 

Garden frenzy 

Today I spent the day around my garden.  I picked and put up green beans and broccoli.  Tonight I pulled weeds until the pickles were ready to can.  We started two types Friday.  Sweet pickles and cinnamon pickles. Below are all the pickles.  Tomorrow is scrub the kitchen floor day.


Being around Wrangler’s mom and sister is draining.  We arrived for niece’s party a hour before MIL arrived.  It was going well but the moment MIL arrived she just took over the whole show.  I feel bad for SIL between her mom and mother-in-law they are both people who take over.  I am sorry to say if it was my thing I would have sent my MIL scurrying into the other room to sit down like when she tries the same thing with me when I am hosting holidays. She kept feeding and feeding niece a ton of frosting even after SIL said not to over and over.  SIL was frustrated.  The best part of my day other than her parents I am the only one Grace would let near her and she not cry.  We played and played.

Birthday party

In a little bit it will be time to wake Wrangler so we can get ready to go.  We will be going to Niece’s birthday party.  She turns one tomorrow.  

Last night we picked a portion of the garden.  Zucchini, squash, corn, and cucumbers.  I made a zucchini cake and bread.  Mom and I started two batches of pickles and still have four Wal-Mart sacks of cucumbers left to give away.