Feeling more like fall

Starting out I would like to say that I feel more like myself this week.  I don’t regret doing less for a while.  The end of summer always is the time I have I have most on my plate.  And this summer it feels like I have been barely keeping ahead of the very basics since we returned from vacation in late June.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks the end will be in sight and I can get onto things that have been pushed to the side that are driving me nuts.  And then into holiday mode.

The chiropractor put me to rights on Friday.   My knees were very swollen through the weekend but are now normal again. The lack of pain is a major relief. This has made this week even more pleasant.

The truck seats became more of a project than expected.   I had to make a parts run on a Sunday when nothing much is open in our area.  It was an all day project when it should have only been a couple of hours.   In return for my assistance Wrangler is going to help me dig all the root vegetables in my garden.  But we are cruising down the road in our new seats.

Because Sunday was just a mess.  And the whole loading and leaving routine was unnormal Wrangler’s wallet was accidentally left at home.  Mom brought it to use Monday evening.  And from that the back up fuel card that is ours is in my purse for future occurrences like this so we can buy fuel with better discounts than pay the pump price.

This week had been a weird one.  We have a mix of short runs with our normal ones.  It has also been a four in the morning for bedtime week.  This leaves me tired and dozing because it is against my internal clock.  Wrangler excels on running late into the night with his night owl nature.

These were taken early in September. In the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado.

More like myself

This week I feel more like myself. I am making sure not to overload my schedule. And with Wrangler and my Mom on board with me needing less on my plate I am slowly feeling less pressure.

Last Sunday a friend invited us out to work a field using old cabless tractors and one way plows. We took our tractor which I ran the majority of the time. Wrangler ran some of the farmers tractors. The old equipment left me feeling sore but it was an interesting experience.

This week I have walked a lot. Monday I was stiff all over from the plowing experience. So I walked to help loosen things up. We have chiropractor appointments tomorrow to readjust everything.

This week has been a weird one. Ever since the wedding it has been weird. We have had experiences of hitting a bump in the road and Wrangler’s seat broke permanently reclining. What was supposed to be a two day ship for a new seat turned into 10 days. A rachet strap is holding is seat in the right position. We have a leaky airbag on the trailer. Two weekends in a row we have expected the fitting. The first weekend the fitting did not come with a required nut on it. Than last week a company said they could have it to us by Friday but they shipped it Friday and it arrived earlier this week. So Wrangler has a lot of truck work with just that. And this week we had an brake pod start leaking air that will need to be replaced. Luckily this is something we can get at our local parts store.

I hope all is going well in your world. I am am thinking once a week for post still for a while but plan to still and try to read the majority of the post in my feed. Have a wonderful weekend and an awesome next week all my friends.

Partly back

So after giving and giving myself constantly for ten days on top of all I already do I needed less responsibilities for a while. So I decided to take a break from a few things like WordPress.

Plus I was dealing with a sinus infection or head cold on top of just feeling worn out. No fever or cough. Just a couple rough days with a sore throat and congestion. I am fully recovered a week now. It was truly just three rough days.

Wrangler made it his mission to help me relax last weekend. Saturday night we got home at six and did the bare minimum. Than we sat down and watched movies. Monday we took the bike to town for lunch and to get what we needed in supplies for the week which was dog food.

This is the second Saturday we have to work. We are getting frustrated because we are having to cancel plans with these changes. Plus it is the height of garden season and I have a lot on my plate and need every moment possible at home.

Other than that I felt like writing this week. I finished writing my seventh book yesterday. And I have found someone else to read my books to see what they think. It is someone who writes herself and so she can give me pointers. If I feel up to it next week I will start writing the eighth book. But I am not pressuring myself to write if I do not feel like it.

For now I am not coming back to WordPress full time yet. I will be reading posts and comments a couple times a week. If I post it will be once a week right now. Even though I am feeling less overwhelmed and stressed I am keeping my plate more empty for a while. I just truly need a good break from a lot.

Hope all is well in your world. Hopefully the next time I post I will have some pictures to share. I just need the motivation to edit some.

Break time

For now I am taking a break from Word Press. There is so much going on in life. Hopefully sometime soon I will feel like posting again. I will miss you my friends while I am gone. I just need a little less on my plate for a while. Thank you for following me. A.S. Mrs. Wrangler.


The next few days I am going to be missing. It is getting really wedding crazy around here. There is so much to do and so I will be concentrating on that.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We will try to do the same.

Resting up

As the week goes on it is just going to get busier. Thursday we start decorating and setting up for the wedding. Friday is more of the same plus rehearsal. Saturday is the wedding of best friend.

Yesterday I sat outside and read in the early morning. With the 104 weather a dip in the pool was relaxing in the afternoon after getting hot running errands. I never get to relax this much at home.

We had a nice supper last night cooked by Wrangler. I have gotten my morning chore list finished. Now it is time to rest until the guys get back from their project.

Last night I finally received a decent night’s sleep. As much as I wanted to nap I would not let myself and it was worth it.

On the move

The bachelor party is over. Wrangler said it was fun.

I hid in the camper while they were there yesterday afternoon and had some time to enjoy the beautiful country grounds while they were ax throwing.

Than I was with my cousin and had fun doing a little shopping and a nice meal out. It was good to catch up with my cousin.

Now we are on the trek between the groom dad’s house and the groom’s house. Our home for the week is behind the pick-up. At least if the air conditioning can’t keep up in the camper during the day we have a nice cool house to stay in when nothing is going on.

Late nights and a loud husband coming in woke me up the last two nights. We are all tired so we can hopefully sleep tonight and a long time. Plus I am such a light sleeper and many other noises woke my up during the night since the windows were open.


We are parked in the driveway of our weekend destination. I have the camper settled for the night.

Tomorrow I get to go see my cousin who I have not seen in two years. She is an hour from here.

Count down

Wrangler and I are both ready for our time off. We are waiting now for one of our three last loads before we are off. We have short runs and we will be done.

Things are going well this week. I edited a bunch of pictures today. I am not sharing them to the internet because of the minors involved.

Wrangler and his mom getting ready for a short bike ride Saturday. They were waiting on the helmets out of the house.

Other than that I wrote today and worked on creating some forms for my photography business. I think I have two sessions coming up with family members. I want to have everything ready so I can share those photos to my page on Facebook and have their consent to do so. I also need to figure out pricing. It will be way less than others would charge because I am just getting started.