Goodbye garden

Last night we used the last of the garden stuff that was not canned or froze. The end of the season is here. In some ways I am glad but others I am sad. At the end of the garden season I have a hard time keeping up with everything.



After a cold front with temps around freezing or below for highs the forty degree weather feels really nice. We had a busy day in town and at home. We had a duck for supper with mashed potatoes.

Much better

We are doing much better today. Wrangler slept in late. I woke up at seven which is late for me. We went to bed around nine last night. Today I am no longer dizzy, have no headache, and no sore throat. I actually feel like moving. Just standing long enough to make grill cheese last night about killed me. Or putting our bed back together after washing it. Today we are running errands. On place number 4 and more to go.

Home day

Today is a day at home to catch up. Since a couple businesses in town that we need to run errands at are closed today we are working on emptying the camper. Both of us woke up with sore throats. We work a little bit than rest a little bit. I have all the laundry in the house minus a few big blankets. I have been working on bring things like the non perishable food in and the coffee pot. I decided to clean my empty fridge before bring the fridge stuff in so I am waiting on that to dry. Now is a break time for me. I am sitting in my chair with my feet up.

20 some days

We been gone for twenty some days. Was only suppose to be a week to two. So happy to be home. Drove in snow the whole way so we took it slow. Lots of mail to go through. Had to figure out supper once here. We are relaxing in our chairs. It’s been so long. Will catch up more tomorrow. I plan to enjoy being home.


Some of these pics are not very good. My camera is at home so I used my phone.

Wranglers boutineer I love it.

Wrangler doing his usher duties. The other usher was 8 and so adorable.

The wedding ceremony. I was in the very back row because of Wrangler being usher. It’s a long ways to the front of the church.

Us all dressed up.

A boy and his dog.

The dance is probably still going on. We just know the bride and groom and the groom’s family. The slowest song they play was not even really slow so we did not dance. After two hours of the dance we called it a night. We are home relaxing now.