Wake up Wrangler


I am waiting on Wrangler to wake up this morning.  We are going to visit niece, SIL, and husband A today at their house a hour and a half away.  MIL and BIL are on their last day up there.

The photo is one snapped of Cinch and me by Wrangler.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Pet peeve

In the past couple of weeks we have dealt with an issue that has makes me mad.  It’s money.  A certain family member harassed Wrangler until he finally gave in and sent money on a Wednesday to get them by until pay day two days later.  Now it’s almost been a month and the family member is avoiding phone calls but just moved into an apartment.  He may cost us our vacation that is suppose to happen next week. 

The guy I babysat for got behind on payments with back to school stuff.  I was nice and understanding about it.  He text me yesterday he would have my remainder wages due to me after he got back from town this morning.  He got home at noon.  So I text him to see if he had my money and he says he is back in town.  I need to go pick up parts for the semi and was going to use that money but I may just have to go with out the cash and get it. 

What is about people owing you money not wanting to pay it back.  It’s old.  We may be headed to small claims with the family member in question because Wrangler is pissed.  If he causes me to lose my vacation that family member better never say a word to me again.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler


We want to Wichita and back to Dodge today.  It’s been a pretty blah day.  Truck stop food is not agreeing with me once again so I am not feeling the best.  I am ready to get home tomorrow.

A.S. Mrs. Wrangler