Wrangler’s boss and Wrangler are inside for the night.  Since supper I have walked down a country road a half mile. I am now sitting out under a tree as the boys play near by.  If it was not for the 30 barking dogs all would be peaceful.  

The pics are of tonight’s sunset.  Happy Friday everyone.


Ready to go home

I am so ready to go home.  I am ready for my kitchen once again.  The chance to be in my garden.  The season is ending soon.  I am ready for our bed at home.  The one we have slept on for seven nights is hard as concrete.  It’s different when we are in the truck compared to when we are visiting someone else.  The truck is a form of home to us.  Plus who we are staying with has the oddest schedule and I am such a light sleeper.  I am hopping that we only have another week or so before we run hard again.


We found a truck that both Wrangler’s boss and him agree on.  They were in partnership on the truck that was wrecked and plan to do it again.  The guy has dropped 8000 off the price.  It’s about 10000 more than I want to pay but is worth it considering the fact the engine is still under warranty for another two years and we can get service nation wide makes me happy.  I now have hope once again. 

A laugh 

Rex and I are waiting while Wrangler  looks at a truck.   Rex is in the driver’s seat of the pick-up.   A guy walks by my window and asks if Rex knows how to drive.  I replied back “He drives a semi everyday.”  The guy looks at me like I lost my mind. 

Happy Boy 

Now that the seditave has worn off Rex he is back to his old self.  I have posted a picture below of him just a few minutes ago.

I am waiting on Wrangler to get his truck settled in at a field.  Than we are going to go look at a truck while they cut a load for his truck.

Last is a pic of last night’s sunset. I love Kansas sunsets. 


Everytime I think things could not get worse it seems to.  Prayers are welcomed for us.  Cinch and Rex got into a fight yesterday.  I don’t know what over. I just heard them and went a running.  Rex was bleeding badly from his ear. I worked for a long time to control it.  Anytime he would stop bleeding he would skake  it and started bleeding again.  He had a chunk missing.  Finally Wrangler got to where we were staying and helped.  We got him to stop bleeding.  He was fine through the night. 

This morning Wrangler took the dressing off and he started bleeding again and badly.  We took him to a vet.  Our vet at home is in an older building.  They are excellent with the boys.  This vet had a brand new building.  With stuff for sale like crazy.  The decided Rex needed sedated for the procedure.   So they charged for sedation, a well visit, antibiotic, shot, plus the procedure.  It was double what our vet would have been at the most.   Well I had a surprise when I went to pay.  MIL had called in and had paid the bill.  She felt like we needed to catch a break.  

Well Rex is resting.  He is not very energetic.   He finally showed some spirit.