Looking for Positives

Work totally has Wrangler and I stressing out. It has been a rough seven months and our time off request was denied ask me again in a few weeks. On top of this is a bunch of drama about getting home. For the second weekend in the row our plans are not important. Even a high school graduation of a sibling. When we say no it means yes.

So as we drive down the road today when we should have been home I been looking for positives. Things that make me smile.

  • Baby calves and horses running in the field.
  • Beautiful sunsets.
  • Beautiful sky’s.
  • Sitting out on the lake early in the morning.
  • Have a camp fire.
  • Taking pictures.
  • Finishing a knitting project or book.
  • Holding a baby.
  • Decorating for holidays.
  • Walking out in the garden when we get home every week to see what has grown.
  • The dogs doing something funny.
  • Exploring after a rain.
  • Unexpected date nights.
  • Time with friends.

I am sure there are many more I could add to the list. But these are what I thought of this morning. Thinking of them helped make me feel better.

What are things that make you smile when your down? I hope your weekend goes well.


Monday evening it started snowing in Colorado Springs, Colorado and followed us north to Cheyenne, Wyoming. We dealt with the snow for three loads in Cheyenne and then as we headed south east into Colorado for our fourth load of the day we finally got out of it.

Today is dry and beautiful out. We unloaded our first load of the day with me walking while Wrangler unloaded. It was in a lot safer place than most of our loads so I had that luxury.

Yesterday on our four trips to the loafing facility we saw numerous antelope and here are some of those pictures.


We had a very short weekend at home. An extra load was thrown on us when we were miles from home Friday. And it ended up being in Cheyenne, Wyoming. No where close to home to end the week. It was three in the morning Saturday when we made it home.

Saturday we had to be in town by noon to pickup one of the pick-ups from a shop. We arrived at eleven thirty allowing Wrangler to sleep as long as possible.

It was in the shop for them to fix a fuel leak. When I was parked at Wal-Mart eating my messy Arby’s sandwich I pulled forward so I could leave easier. When I got out there was a puddle and it smelled like Diesel. So when I got home I told Wrangler. He investigated and found it leaking Diesel the same place it was before. So I took it back to the shop tonight on our way through town.

One of our other pick-ups had a transmission gone out back in February. After much drama and a month the pick-up sat at the shop before they even touched it. Than another three weeks for the transmission to reach them from being rebuilt it is finished. Wrangler drove it home. Mom took us to town on her way to do her weekly errands.

The camper is ready for the season if we can ever have enough time off to go. I am seriously doubting thay will happen. It seems like we are allowed no life by dispatch. He wanted to add another load onto us but when we asked to take Monday off he threw a fit so we did not take it.

Other than that I tried to relax as much as possible on our very short time at home. Most of the time home was sleeping. Sunday morning I slept really late epically for me.

Busy day

We are about to load our fourth load of of day. We have had some shorter runs. Now we re loading a longer one.

Yesterday we had a very early night. We were done by six. We ate a steakhouse next to a truck stop. It was really good. Than we went and took a non rushed shower for once. We had a restful night of sleep.

I wrote again today. Next is a wedding scene in my book to write. I love writing about weddings and Christmas as much as I love them in real life. I can’t wait. I don’t like typing in the dark. So it will wait until tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow goes by quickly so we are home at a decent time. Looking forward to get a bunch done. And maybe making our first trip to town on the bike.


Wrangler and I are both healthy today. I am glad to be back in the land of feeling healthy again. And was happy it was just a couple of rough days before the end was in sight and not long and drug out like the last time I was sick a year and a half ago.

It has been an interesting week to say the least. We had a nice break from Colorado Springs but we go back tomorrow.

I wrote both Monday and Tuesday. Now that we are on a more normal schedule that helps my creative side. Plus I feel better so writing is something I am able to do unlike last week when sickness muddled the brain.

Well it is bedtime. Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.


Wrangler started out last week with what he thought was a sinus infection. Well by Wednesday I had my doubts when I had a sore throat. Thursday was like death warmed over for me. Altitude is awful when you are congested. Between my nose being plugged and my ears being plugged I was miserable. Friday was better until we got above 5000 feet. My nose was no longer plugged but my ears were. Than I was screwed up again. Yesterday I was better. And today I am probably 80 percent. I never lost my sense of smell. And I took my tempature numerous times a day but never had one. A quick head cold is what we are leaning towards.

Well my husband is an awful patient. He has been moody through this all. And almost intorable. I am glad he is for the most part back to normal minus sinus issues which who does not have any this time of year.

Yesterday I accomplished a lot. My energy was good. But I took plenty of rest breaks. It was 90 degrees for the first time this year.

We don’t know the plans for leaving yet. I am planning around eight tonight which is our normal routine of late. The truck is clean and disinfected. The dog stuff is loaded. The bed is made. I have to pack bags and load food. Otherwise the truck is done.

This afternoon I plan to finish cleaning and inventoring the camper. That way my part is done for the year minus loading stuff inside to go.

One of my daffodils. Captured with my phone due to the lens I needed for the shot is in the shop.

Good morning

It is six in the evening and it is now morning for us. We are just waking up. We left the house in the evening Sunday and the sun was starting to pop when we went to bed. So that is our schedule this week.

We been hauling from North Platte, Nebraska to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The mountains were visible yesterday since the weather is better.

I don’t see much knitting or writing getting done in the small window of time I have daylight.

The teddy bear blanket I knitted.

Busy Beaver

Friday we were home a little after noon. We did the errands thay needed done on a weekday like registering the motorcycle. We ate an early supper out and then went home. Wrangler was asleep on the couch by seven and still sleeping after I had showered and got ready for bed at ten. I covered him up and went to bed. When I woke up he was in bed.

Yesterday we took the truck to the shop for fuel lines and a water pump. We picked up the repaired skidsteer. That thing makes life a lot simpler. I am glad it is done leaking hydraulic oil. We did grocery shopping and went home.

I spent the afternoon preparing the viney garden patch for the year. And then I loaded the tiller on the trailer and went to mom’s house. I worked her garden for the first time this year. Now they rest until the end of May.

Wrangler cooked steaks for supper. Men cook for your wives every now and then. It makes your wife happy and if you clean up afterwards it is even better. Wrangler the last year finally has realized if he cooks which he needs to do more of he needs to clean up the mess or I get pissy.

Today I worked outside. It was in the 80s. I put a sprinkler system in three of my connecting flower beds. I started cleaning the camper up for the year since the garden and flower beds are under control.

Late afternoon we went and got Elmo out of the shop. My brother stopped by to see our bike and show us his. Than time was dedicated to getting the truck ready for the week. We are on the road and will run the two and a half hours up to the load point and get loaded. We are a hour into that trip already.

Waits and weather

Most of our loads are tucked up to the east edge of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Since last Thursday we have seen snow every day but Sunday and today so far. Yesterday we only had to deal with it for a few minutes in flurries. Tuesday was the same way. Today it is light rain instead of snow.

Today we had an appointment window of 10 to 4. We were not a hundred percent sure if that was 10 central or mountain time. We were at this place for five hours due to lack of space to hold all of the product. I knitted ans cooked lunch before taking a nap.

I am seventy pages in on the seventh book that I started at the end of last week. It is flowing very well.

Now on to camera things. My small lens developed a fog after all the March rains even though I never had it out when it was raining. It was just a very humid time and now those little stay dry bags that come with everything is with my camera. It is still under warranty but the company system is awful to try and submit a work order online. And after being on hold for over 30 minutes a time I would give up. Today I had time though and made progress. It will be sent off this weekend. Luckily most of my shots are on the other lens.