Home sweet home

We are finally home.  I am calling it a night.  Have a great evening. 


Change of plan 

The company that Wrangler has worked for the last three and a half years know he will do his best. And so we end up cleaning up a lot of a couple drivers messed up loads often. There is one driver who screws around all week so he can he can be home by noon on Friday and he never leaves early on Monday. 

Well this week our extra time out on the road is for once not caused by another driver.  We should have been home by ten last night.  Yet it will probably by seven before we get home.  At four yesterday Wrangler boss who dispatches called and said they place we were suppose to unload at Monday needs it by 9 a.m. Saturday.  It took the wind out of both of our sails.  The broker did make up for it a bit.  They added a couple dollars a ton for the load we are headed to now to make up for our time and trip to the house.  

 If Thanksgiving was not next week and we are going to be home at noon at the latest on Wednesday if not sometime Tuesday I would be even more mad.  We should not have to move out until the Sunday or Monday after Thanksgiving though.   After running like crazy since October 17 we are ready for a slow down.  Our time at home has been pretty much cut from 50-70 hours on a weekend down towards 35-40 hours a weekend.

I am ready for next week when I can sit down in front of my sewing machine.  When I can work on some of my paint projects.  When I can bake some goodies.  When I can finish deep cleaning my house on the yearly clean.   When I can get a month of accounting to enter into the program now that we have finally settle on a program.   

Sitting still

Hey everyone it’s Cinch.  I have taken over mom’s phone for a bit.  A small phrase describes this week in the rolling house.  Sitting still.

We left right before it got dark four sleeps ago.  Every thing went fine that day.

The day of three sleeps ago was no fun.  Mom acted like she needed to eat grass or cough up a hair ball.  She was in bed sleeping all day.  I snuggled up next to her to keep her warm.  Dad was mad that day.  We sat still for about half of the lighted hours just to go a short distance and man was dad mad.  

The day of two sleeps ago we went back to the same place as the day before.   Once again we sat a long time.  Finally we had a ride ahead of us.  Good news mom was almost herself that day.

The day of a sleep ago was a bunch of running down the road.  Dad did cuss as he found a problem with the rolling house.  Mom and Dad were both tired that night.

The day of no sleeps ago has been wait while they fixed the problem in the truck.  That took half the daylight.  Now we are at daddy’s boss house and waiting once again.  Something about tags for the rolling house.   I hope the rolling house like shots.  That is when I get a tag.  We been here a while so I am laying at mommy’s feet after adventuring around checking the place out. Hopefully we can hit the road before the sun sets.

Oh I am including a picture of myself.

Better day 

I feel almost 100 percent today.  After sleeping nearly 24 hours yesterday and only eating crackers and soup I feel lots better.  I woke up starving this morning.   And have been starving all day. 

Wrangler is pretty upset.  He lost 24 hours and probably a minimum of 1000 dollars of wages this week all because there was silicone put in the corners of the trailer at manufacturing that they thought was dirt.   They about did not load is today and when Wrangler learned that it was silicone that was the hold up both yesterday or today he was pissed.   We finally got loaded at one today  and just got unloaded now.  So now it’s a few minutes until bedtime.  I did really well until a few minutes ago when I got tired.  Have a good night and have a good Wednesday. 

Stop sign

Today my body threw a stop sign up.  Woke up at 7 and was not up for two hours and I was back asleep.  I have probably took a five hour nap today.  Poor Wrangler having to continue driving while worrying about me being sick.  I make a horrible patient.   I really just want to cuddle up in Wrangler arms and I did while we were waiting on a load to become ready.  Rest of the time Cinch is snuggled up next to me.  My hope is Wrangler does not get what ever I got.