Happy Fourth

Wrangler worked Saturday and tomorrow on the Fourth of July. But we still plan to have good food and to lite some fireworks off since my husband is a pyromaniac.

We received a hard and sideways rain. We had thirty hundredths of rain in the rain gauge in the early evening. It was very windy and sideways so I am sure we received more than that. We are so thankful for the moisture and the hungry ground soaked it right up.

Harvest Blues

Wrangler has been home more this week. But we are so over wheat harvest. We are both ready for Wrangler to have time off and to be able to relax in the evenings.

The Fourth sounds like nothing special and I am okay with that. Wrangler loves to blow things up but I will take pictures but the Fireworks don’t matter to me.

This work week has been very busy but better than last week. I am going through years of paperwork and organizing what little is being kept. But I have a three day weekend coming up and will have a break.

Some of the latest edits. June has been very busy and I am still back in May on editing pictures.

I think Cinch sits like this a lot while Mom and Dad works. He jumped up on the arm like he owned it.


After the lawn mower being broke for two weeks Wrangler finally had time to put it back together yesterday. This was after him arriving home at sunsets most nights last week. Of my eight garden rows five of them now are fully mulched. The amount of weeding goes down a bunch with good mulch.

The pumpkin patch was mulched with semi composted grass from last fall and before the season. It took very little tending to get it totally back under control. The flower beds with lava rock take very little weeding to touch them up.

This weekend since the highs were in the 70s I spent most of my time catching up on outdoor tasks. Today that leaves me drained plus a poor night of sleep where snoring woke me up because poor Wrangler is working such long hours due to harvest.


Yesterday was a brutal day. A new mystery came out to be investigated at work. I wish I could have a day or two of peace after the current mystery is resolved before I am hit by another. When I got home I needed peace especially after doing a massive favor for Wrangler.

Luckily the missing paperwork part of the mystery was solved this morning. Now it is in somebody else’s hands to put out the current fire.

I have been working in the evenings in the garden. I have the panels I use for tomato cages up. And the trellis for my soup beans and cucumbers up. The garden is growing along with the weeds.

My flowers are a little ragged from four days of strong winds but they will come out of it again.

One of my latest things to shoot. The Buffalo Bill statue in Oakley, Kansas.

Heat Wind

We had triple digits heat and brutal winds this weekend. It makes the simplest of tasks miserable. After three hours outside in the cool morning temperatures this weekend. I was miserable. I would work more on indoor tasks. The window to work outside in the evenings was cut down due to it being miserable.

I spent the cool morning weeding. In the afternoons I touched the house up. We defrosted the freezer Sunday afternoon. We also spent time vehicle hunting for Wrangler. We think we have one found for him. His daily driver blew a head gasket on the way home on the record breaking heat last Monday. He needs something fuel efficient to get back and forth from work 40 miles one way.

We had an unplanned date night Friday. It was an adventure and it was much needed. What brought it on is we had no water when I arrived home from work and grocery shopping. So Wrangler said let’s go find something to eat. We did and then instead of taking pavement home we took dirt roads. It reminded me of eleven summers ago when we were dating.

The water was off in the town of 300 for eight hours. When it came back on people like my mom and a few friends said the tap water looked like orange juice. When we got home it was clear for us. A water main had burst on main street causing the problem.

Harvest is right around the corner. Saturday was mandatory for all workers at Wrangler company to work. It is a farm implement dealer. It is expected for him to work five Saturdays in a row unless something changes. It seems hardly fair because the crew working the opposite Saturdays of his weekends will only work three in a row. Sundays they will have a short shift they are required to work for two Sundays from the sounds of it.

I usually like when Wrangler works his Saturday or works late a night or two a week because I get a lot done. But I know I will be lonesome before long as he works longer hours.

Some of the latest pictures from my camera. This is from the town I work in one day on lunch in a small park.


I am glad today is Friday. Major progress has been made on the work problem front. But it has been a long week as I make necessary changes to the books. It will be much easier moving forward.

At home the garden is growing along with the weeds. I take that back all the garden is growing except for the beans. Not a one came up. So they have been replanted. Most evenings I can be found in the garden tending to a couple of the eight rows.

Do any of you find it relaxing to water flower pots? It is a peaceful time for me. On another note we are in drastic need of rain. Little snow and almost 250 days between measurable rains starting last summer has left us feeling lacking.

Other than that I am finding a balance in this portion of garden season. Time to work but still time to spend with Wrangler, or other projects, or just relaxing. Last night I had weeded 2.5 rows when Wrangler arrived home. We sat on the bench just chatting for a while.

The tradition of Colubine pictures continue. I think it started in 2017. We are lucky to have Rex to still join me.


We are in the middle of a heat wave. It has made life more miserable. And it seems like people are grumbling after three days of triple digit temperatures.

I have been working outside in the cooler times of day. I have the pumpkin patch mulched. It can grow away.

I have my flower beds touched up some. And tonight I start the first weeding of the main garden.

Happy Weekend

Until wheat harvest is over our weekends have no plans. Wrangler’s job includes longer hours during wheat harvest.

This weekend I am catching up. I got a good chunk of the weeding done tonight. My back held up better than I expected as I worked tonight. I believe I am slowly healing and by next week I am hoping I can start running again. I am missing it.

Work went well this week. I was caught up the first day back. I investigated a mystery at work a couple of days.

Some pictures from back in May while waiting on Wrangler one night.

Things are really growing. My beds are filling up.

Back to work

Today Wrangler and I went back to work after a much needed break. The break was filled with a balance of Wrangler and me time and family time. It had been a long time since we had seen some of the family and so it was a good thing.

We arrived home in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. I did not do a lot but what I did quickly drained me. By seven I could have went to bed.

Riding the motorcycle was beautiful in Iowa. Lots of rolling green where we were. The weather was not totally miserable unlike other reunions.

This is a cool old pharmacy/soda fountain in Wrangler’s Grandma’s town.

Paid to do this

Wish there was a way to get paid to fish and camp all summer. This is where Wrangler and I truly relax and enjoy life.

I am up on the fish count four to two. We were just using worm and bobbers and getting bull head catfish.

We arrive up here yesterday. We barely had time to set up camp before a rain shower hit. Then we headed in on the motorcycle to Wrangler’s grandma for supper. We are the only family in town at the moment that does not live here. So we are enjoying life while waiting on more to arrive.