We are in Norfolk, Nebraska. We got news we might not get unload until tomorrow. They will know by 4 today. We are having our first sit down meal of the week. A nap is in our future. We are at the truck stop eating lunch now. We will eat sandwiches and fruit later out of the truck if we can not unload until tomorrow.


Extra time

We are taking a route that adds a hour to our trip just so we can avoid Chicago. We have our reload orders for tomorrow. We went from Ohio and will reach our destination in Wisconsin in a couple of hours. Both Wrangler and I are ready for this day to be over.

2012 how they have aged

2012 has had a lot of good pictures pop up lately. I don’t post as much to Facebook as I did then. There are times I think about deleting it or just get down to my family and few close friends on it. I have gotten rid of a lot of friends lately who post inappropriate things. Or updates every move of their day.

These gems popped up today of Cinch as a puppy and Rex before his color faded out in old age.

30 states

Yesterday I added two more states to my list. I am now up to 30. Yesterday we traveled in Virginia and West Virginia. That makes 3 new states so far for 2018. We are back in the freezer. After a week I had to dig out a sweatshirt for both of us.

Scary Cinch

We have two trucks ahead of us in line to get unloaded. A worker came up to the truck to ask what we had on. Saw Cinch in my seat and goes whoa. Cinch was not barking just chilling out. Wrangler goes if you are scared of him beware of the big dog I have in the back.

Little moments

Those little moments in life with your spouse that in hard times you look back on and remember what a good time that was. We have to figure out the problems and get back to those times.

Most of Wrangler and my problems are not between ourselves but are the world. Like Wrangler rolling the semi in September, Wranglers crazy family constant drama, mother nature, truck break downs, and so many more examples. As long as we fight the world together we stay strong. The goal is that only one of us has a rock bottom moment at a time so the other one can shore us as a couple up. As long as one of us is in fighting mode against the world we will come out okay.

That said I am appreciative of time with Wrangler. At home if we go do something a lot of the time it’s with family or friends. Rest of the time we are homebodies because we are happy to be home. On the road yes I get time with Wrangler but most of its bouncing down a road. At night eating, showering and bed are the priorities. We don’t have a lot of time to relax and have fun. Unless for some reason we get an early night. When we get date nights on the road we both are relaxed. It’s a good feeling. Vacations are the lake. Day trips Wrangler and I love to go by ourselves. When we actually camp though we love having our family and friends around. We need to have time with them also. But even when we have a ton of family and friends around Wrangler always makes sure at least once on the trip we have a morning or evening out fishing that’s just us.