The truck

Yesterday at three Wrangler called to see when the truck would be done and was told around ten this morning.  

This morning as we were leaving MIL house Wrangler called and asked if it was still on schedule.   No at one today.   On the way into town he got a call that said at three.  Than at two we were at our best man’s house catching up and learned that they ran into another problem.  So We rushed the twenty miles to the repair shop and learned not today.  Well Wrangler dispatcher-boss was pissed and chewed the repair shop out.  Wrangler was pissed passed and it kept getting worse.  I think we will be staying at our best man’s house tonight.   Wrangler and his boss are talking right now.

I was outside walking for my walk across Kansas miles until dark.  It’s a program through extension that I have done since high school.  It promotes healthy living.

This morning 

Hopefully this morning we will hit the road again.  We were suppose to hit the road a week ago but the Northeast Blizzard delayed parts.  

We left home at five yesterday and had supper with Wrangler’s mom’s side of the family.  We had a nice visit with Grandpa and his fiancee.  

Unfortantly Wrangler’s cousin is a mouthy guy who gets in my nerves. His wife deployed in the navy and he can not be alone with his kids even though he is a stay at home dad.  He had to move in with his adopted dad.  He has the mentality that there are mens jobs and woman jobs.  He said this numerous times.  My sister can clean up this mess tomorrow.  Yet the house is trashed since he moved in.  He also is pissed because one of grandpa’s conditions for moving in with him is he had to have a job.  Yet his wife makes enough he does not have to work.  He also goes after anything in a skirt that moves with grabby hands.  He leaves me alone because I put him in his place.  He also is scared of Wrangler.   But he has grabbed his own cousin at a family funeral. 

Waiting on a woman 

Who ever claimed the term waiting on a woman has not met my husband.  It’s the opposite I am always waiting on him.  I tell him the start time for things is fifteen minutes early for something close and thirty minutes to a hour early depending on the distance.