Wrangler got home this early evening.  We are ready to leave minus the few last minute things like loading the ice chests.  Putting the things like pillows, bathroom stuff, etc that we need tonight. Hooking up to the boats.  Checking tires.  Loading the boys up. 

I am not liking my old New phone for WordPress, Facebook, weather.   I do not know how much I will update from the lake.  I really miss my normal phone.  Next week we will see about possibly getting it fixed.

The final push

I am making the final push today on packing.  I am baking some goodies this morning.  Last night I cooked sausage gravy and cooked my chicken for fajitas.  I like to cook as much of my meals at home as possible because my stove is more efficient and I would rather be out on the lake.  This morning I am going to make sloppy Joe’s and get them in the freezer.

Today I have to pack clothes, clean ice chest, load more of Wrangler’s tools.  And a few odd and items that I have not loaded yet.  I will be down to the food into ice chests and the stuff I needed in the house tonight tomorrow morning.

Split week

This is a totally weird week for us.  I will explain in a bit.

Here is a recap since my last post.  Saturday night laying in bed it started to hail.  Rex crawled up on my side of the bed and was shaking.  He was in Wranglers house when we were dating when a tree came down on the roof.  Since then he does not loud noises during thunderstorms.  Cinch crawled under the covers on Wrangler’s side.  I later think during this long and big hail storm all the damage.  Luckily I do not have my garden in.  It broke a vent in our lake camper.  It damaged my pretty irises.  Other than that there was not a lot of damage at our place. 

Yesterday I spent the day helping Wrangler on projects.  The wind was horrible.  It was fifty mph steady with larger gusts.  It was a good day to test our air conditioning out. 

For those of you who followed me from Xanga you know that Memorial Day means vacation for Wrangler and me.  We are heading out to the lake Thursday with a bunch of our family and friends and will be back Monday.  This makes a short week for Wrangler and Rex in the semi.  I am at home getting everything ready.  I have been to town this morning already and have spent time working on my list.  It’s a little warm out and I needed to cool off so I came inside for a break. Cinch is my partner in crime getting everything ready.  He is lucky though he just lays in the shade and watches me work.


Wednesday was the day my screen on my phone broke.  We started our day in Kansas City.  We had a two hour wait to get up to unload and than another hour  because the place did not have the Loa d in their computer.  Than we went to the reload point and everything was going good.  Had four trucks load ahead of us and than there was a break down.  Eight and a half hours later we finally were able to leave.  Both of us took a long nap.  I read a book and a,half.  Wrangler polished on the truck.  We got unloaded around midnight in the Joplin area and went to bed.

Thursday we slept in a bit.  Than we reloaded and hit the road.  It was a pretty uneventful day.  We ended up in the Dodge City area.  We had an early night.

Yesterday morning we got up and loaded.  We went to Wichita and waited five hours in a clustered up area to unload.  Than we reloaded a hour away and headed home.  We got home at ten last night.

Today we went to town this morning on errands.  Wrangler worked on mom’s pick-up getting the oil changed, checking tires on her pick-up and camper, and fixing wiring so she has camper lights.  Than he was working on the new boat.  I worked on packing up the camper some more.  Plus the normal weekend stuff.  Tonight I made enchiladas, green beans, and Mac and cheese for supper.  We have bad weather in the area so we are up watching a movie.

On the run

The late night last night getting home has me on the run.  Headed out the door to town as we speak.  I promise the first chance I get I will update you on my week.  I have a phone once again but it’s a non friendly phone so I have no data access until I set a whole bunch of stuff up.