10 Days

This week is almost over for work. It has been okay for the most part with a few problems thrown in. Next week will be tedious with training for the techs so not much for me to do. All of thr quarterly taxes will be completed at that point just to have something to do. But next Friday I am off to take my mom to a funeral across the state.

If Wrangler trucks this weekend I will go along for thr ride one day. He had Monday off due to the latest snow storm. And Wednesday off since there were no loads. I am assuming their will be loads. Other than that I plan to play in the dirt some. I have one flower bed needing attention due to it being buried in the snow drift when I did spring cleaning on the others. And I need to finish up the garden and pumpkin patch.

Today is Day 10 of my “life is good” challenge. I was nominated by my best friend. I am to post photos that bring me joy (no explanation) because we all need a little joy now…10 days…10 photos and nominate ten more people. If I choose you, please continue….. Today I nominate friends and family.

So I did the challenge above and today is the last day. I want to share the pictures that brought me joy. Picking only 10 was the hard part.


Give up

The older I get the less I sleep. I maybe sleep good twice a week. With Wrangler’s bicep injury sleep is disturbed by his groans of pain in the night when he moves. I am a light sleeper.

This morning I was doing the fighting something in my dream bit around 4. All of sudden a semi fired up. I jumped up awake thinking someone had started Elmo when it was a truck being started a block away at the local grain elevator. Sleep never was again achieved. Luckily I had a decent nap yesterday so this should help fuel me today.

This weekend we had blowing snow Saturday. I would say three to four inches of very wet snow which has pretty much melted. They are calling for more today. It was a weekend spent inside. Yesterday I was able to do a couple of things outdoors but it was not for long before the cold wind drove me back inside.

Some of my latest edits.

They still are sleeping buddies.

Wintery weekend

This weekend is supposed to be cold with chances of snow and rain. My four day walking spree is over and I am back to exercising inside again.

This week has not been bad. Work and home has had a good balance. I like when there is balance in life. Plus Remington is enjoying going to my mom’s extra large outdoor kennel on the nice days. He is an outside dog and comes home and wants to go right back outside after eating. Plus he is even tired enough to lay still when he gets home from Grandma’s.

Wrangler’s brace for his shoulder is in. Hopefully his bicep will start healing and he will be in less pain.

This week I never went in the truck. But accomplished a lot on my evenings at home instead. Two days Wrangler was home and wanting to help.

Remington’s favorite snoozing spot of late.


Today is the first day of spring but we are still having springish weather. Four or five decent days mixed in with two or three winter days every week. And we have days upon days of wind which unfortunately is common this time of the year in Kansas. But instead of 50s being thr nice days we are seeing 60s and 70s the last two weeks.

Yesterday the first of the seedlings we planted for the garden last week broke through the surface. I also spent two hours with Wrangler’s help working in the garden getting it ready last night or at least the first step. I also fenced off two of my four flower beds. It has never been an issue in the past but Remy is digging, eating the new growth, and thinks my flower bed is his personal bathroom.

Speaking of Wrangler. He has a taped shoulder waiting on a shoulder brace to arrive. He is having bicep problems and is constant popping it out of place. So this is the suggestion to promote healing. But he also needs to baby it to heal and he won’t my stubborn husband.

My ankle is day four without the brace. I have walked extra on it and I seem to be healing up over that injury.

Rex is doing as well as possible with his old dog issues. A couple weeks ago he had a cold and it took a lot out if him when he was fighting it but he is bouncing back again. Cinch is doing well. He is enjoying the nice weather and walks. Remington is in a difficult stage right now. For some reason he is very whiny and constantly testing the limits. He is six months old now. Wrangler stopped taking him in the truck because he is misbehaving so bad the last five days. Since it is nice out today he gets to spend the day at my Mom’s extra large kennel to see if being outside and able to play all day helps. He loves being outside.

Winter’s touch

Yesterday it was 81 out. Mom and I started seeds for the garden. I learned how to run the new tractors. Today it was the warmest it got at 6 in the morning. It has 50 mph winds. And blowing light snow and sleet on occasion.

Work is slow again. But I have a job that will take some time. A problem has come to my attention of late and a database needs to be formed so I can quickly search by town for certain folders in five drawers of filing cabinets. We keep unactive folders because the system is many times put back to use by new owners. But a way to search without a trip to the freezer of the attic for a file that is in my heated office would be nice.

My ankle is healing up. But I am still in a brace to makes sure it stays on the healing track.

I am also having a love hate relationship with the time change. I hate the pitch black drive to work. Love the extra hour of light in the evening. I heard fasting 16 hours helps the body adjust. I would say there is some truth to that. I just was not hungry until late afternoon Sunday and I see a difference between Wrangler and me.

Remington, Cinch, and mom’s dog Majesty waiting on us to finish planting seeds yesterday.


So the weekend was full of twists. Mainly my right ankle. I maybe in a brace for a week or so because it keeps twisting on me. The whole story behind it is I was working in my flower bed. Remy had decide to help by digging a hole behind me. Boy was I surprised when I stepped in the hole.

This weekend I checked off most of my list. And even got to a bonus item. I am loving this new version of trucking. Fifteen minutes of truck chores is nice a weekend. It does not take over life even for Wrangler like it did before. The only downfall I see is it is a small enough company that he sometimes picks up emergency loads on the weekend when his boss has his son.

So Wrangler is adding to his toy collection. He now has 2 more tractor and implements for them. He is planning for the show in July. Good thing to know is that it will all fit in one trailer load.

Other than that I am into another work week. Today has been bust since it was payroll day. But rest of the week may not be.

Remington is a character for sure. In the picture with me he was glaring at Wrangler for claiming the whole couch for his project causing us to have to be on the loveseat across the room.

Cycle of life

In January the last of my Grandma’s good friends died in her age bracket. My parents friends and high school classmates parents are starting to pass. I came to the realization that before long it will be my generat. Another reminder to live life to the fullest for sure.

Green is starting to peak out in the flower beds and yards. I am hoping to do some spring cleaning up this weekend. I have decided to stay home of Wrangler works this weekend. I have a lot on my list to do. But a helpful husband knocked a few items on my list off yesterday on his day at home.

I am debating on starting to run again this weekend. I was doing good last spring until my back issues hit the worse they ever have been. Now I am healed up again and it is warm enough I could run a couple days a week.

Other than that things like a lot of planning for summer is happening. We should not be held back as much financially this summer. And I think with our new system we will have more free time.

Wrangler had his first overnight of the new job. It happened because where he was unloading at did not have enough space for his product. He said Remy was a big bed hog and he woke up to Remington using him as a pillow and snoring in his ear.


Springish describes the weather situation at the moment about 5 days are spring like with about 2 days of winter thrown in every week. I am thinking of things like flowers beds, planting garden seeds, taking breaks outside.

Little green plants are showing through in the grass and my cut off stems from last year’s flowers. It gives hope of spring.

Cinch and Remy have been enjoying a couple of walks a week depending on who is home at the moment. Wrangler starter playing with the tractor this weekend.

Remington had his first tractor ride. He is embracing the outdoor and always on the move life with us. He also graduated to a big kennel for the times he is at home. If we say bad dog he runs to the kennel. It is his space with his blanket and pillow. His toys. The little stinker also started to refuse to eat puppy food last week. He will only eat the big dogs food. If you mix puppy food in Hhe picks the big dog food out and leaves puppy food behind.

Cabin Fever

I am at the point where winter is slowly driving me nuts. Favorite hobbies like reading and quilting are not so easy to do at the moment. On sunny days I stare out of my office window day dreaming about fishing and motorcycle rides. To feel my fingers in the dirt.

Other than that life has been going good. Wrangler is settling into trucking full time agaih. I am keeping up with the paperwork.

Remington has been very entertaining of late. There are days I am so proud of how far he has come along. Than the next day is usually a total disaster. He is loving going in the truck with Wrangler.

Cinch is at home most days to keep Rex company. I am fearful that Rex’s hearing is going and the separation anxiety is getting worse every day because he can’t hear where you are.

We took a road trip Sunday. Remington love the back window of the pick-up being opened. Rex and Cinch enjoyed a nap together. The building picture is of where my mom grew up. It sold in 2019 and I would not even recognize the place anymore. There is no trees or fences in the same location anymore. The house and all but two buildings are gone.

Routine and Balance

Since January 27th it has been chaotic in life for Wrangler and I as we made the job switch for him. The first two weeks of February had no routine at home. This threw my balance off for sure. I am one who loves routines.

He has been working two weeks and there is still no routine like before when he would be home between 7 to 7:30. But there is communication happening between us that gives me a sense of routine and that gives me balance. I touch base after work for his ETA for arriving home.

This way I know when supper needs to be ready or if I even need to cook. Most nights it is seven to nine when he arrives home. One night it was after midnight and I awoke to Remington licking my face since he had not seen me in almost a day. Last night he was home when I got home from work. But every night he has been home.

Rex went with Wrangler for one day and the constant jarring of movement in the truck did him in. He enjoyed it for about two hours before it became to much. He is for sure only travel in my SUV or a pick-up anymore.

Cinch has went once which is a surprise. I figured he would go all the time. Some days Wangler goes alone

And Remy has went almost every day. Compared to our trip in December when he was teething and he tried to eat the truck he has done extremely well accept for eating a highlighter. My days are spent receiving photos of him and Wrangler.

Speaking of pictures. This was yesterday’s. Remy wanted a hug while Derek and him were in line. He did it an odd way.

Throw in videos of Remy barking at cows. Remy loves Wrangler the most that is for sure. Or at least he is Remington’s favorite person until food time.

Remy was in cute mode last night which means picture time.

Some of my latest edits from last summer.

This week has not been to bad at work. But I am glad it is Friday. I don’t know what the weekend will hold. Depends on if Wrangler works or not. If he works I will go one of the days.