Fair time

In a little bit we will be heading out for the fair.  I always look forward to the fair.  I am dragging today for some reason.  I have not been sleeping well without Wrangler.   He says he has not been sleeping well also.  Have a great Tuesday everyone

Catching up

Wrangler and I are catching up from our three weeks gone.  BIL loves  helping Wrangler out on the truck.  Than the played with the new car.  BIL loves tinkering on stuff.   He finds the car we got really cool.

My garden has three rows left to weed.  I have a large garden so it takes awhile.   Than I have just the edges left.  I am not working out there today until evening.    After I get the last pulled out comes the tiller and then I am going to go through and pull any thing new by the plants. 

Liberal squared 

The heat has taking its toll.  The only night this week that we did not have to make repairs to the truck before bed was Monday.  This awful heat is making wiring issues.  We went from Liberal, Kansas yesterday to Borger, Texas.   Then to Dodge City, Kansas and back to Liberal for the second night.   I am ready to head home.