We are unfortantly home early this week.  The truck is having more issues.  Wrangler plans to take it to the shop in the morning.  Say a prayer that its a quick fix.

Today was Wrangler’s Aunt Funeral.  It went well for us.  It was sad but more of a celebration.  We got to meet Grandpa’s new girlfriend.  She seems really nice.  Favorite things of the day.  Playing with niece.  BIL and me catching up.  Lots of laughter. 

Wrangler’s hometown

Tonight we call it a night in Wrangler’s hometown near Garden City, Kansas.  We are here for the funeral of Wrangler’s Aunt.  She lost her battle to kidney failure last week.  She was a special lady and will be missed.  We will leave here tomorrow evening.

Partial snow day

Today we had a partial snow day.  We were suppose to leave at five this morning.  Well it was still raining and the ice thickened up.  We are just now getting ready to leave.  The temps are above freezing now.  If you are wondering what I did with my snow day well I snuggled up with Wrangler and the boys and finished out the book I was currently reading and started one I don’t want to put down.  I am ready to get on the road and keep reading on it.

Skating rink

It’s rained off and on all day.  Well at five the roads and everything was fine.  But by eight it was an ice skating rink in our drive.  There is suppose to be snow coming in on top.

We had an indoor day minus horse chores.  I am current on my temperature blanket.  We are dad though.  Our neighbors to the north who moved in August son died last night in a car accident.  He just graduated in May.  It’s hit my home town hard.  It’s been twelve years since the last accident with a kid dying involved.

Storm prep

I spent the whole day on storm prep.  Wrangler worked on the semi all afternoon.  The ice portion was suppose to start but they backed it off until after midnight.  The snow portion is tomorrow afternoon.  I am ready for an indoor day today.  I spent the afternoon outside today.  It was not very bad out.