Little ones

One thing I love about delivering to farmers and ranchers is the little ones we see. I was once a little one who was dad’s sidekick. I grew up in a tractor and truck, the pick-up checking cows, in front of dad on the 4 wheeler, behind dad on the horse. It’s a good way for kids to grow up. I loved my upbringing. If my dad did not die when I was in high school Wrangler and I would be farming not trucking. Dad was suppose to end up with the farming operation but after his death another brother stepped in.

Seeing little kids with their dads makes my heart happy. Hopefully they have their dads long after they have kids themselves. If not they will have memories of dad and lessons dad taught them. If Wrangler and I are blessed with kids they will be raised around horses and trucking. They will have memories with dad. Wrangler does not know this but I already have plans for the week dad and the kids go without me for the week.


Change of plans

Our week has been nothing but change of plans. All started with the plan through Wednesday being texted to us Sunday. Okay good it sounds like a good start to the week. Within two hours our first load canceled in South Dakota until it dries out. They added a new customer who wanted no contact with us. I think they made sure to be gone or hid in the house while we unloaded. It was a strange feeling I got from that load.

Tuesday load went on with no problems. Our for load today was canceled until it dries out. Insert one South Dakota load the only problem is we want you in during the middle of the night to unload because of mud and its froze then. It did not seem any muddier than what we have been dealing with.

Tomorrows load was another South Dakota load. Big surprise it was canceled because the river is almost a half mile wider than the bridge on both sides right now. We went over the bridge and was like no wonder. There are people who have to be flooded out because their house is right on the banks of the river on route to our unload point in past trips. Melting snow from last weeks blizzard is the cause of the flooding in the part of South Dakota we are in.

So Fridays load is tomorrows now. And depending on conditions today’s supposed load that was canceled maybe Fridays.

Through this all Wrangler and I worry for the farmers and ranchers. They have had a very hard winter and this spring had been worse. We understand all the shuffling happening this week. We knew when the snow melted there would be chaos for our loads. It caused chaos at home when our snow melted.


Today is a rainy day in a state that does not need any moisture because its flooding this last week. We had a long day today. We will be at have unload load 2 on the day when we call it. Because of the mud caused by melting snow the requested this load be delivered in the middle of the night and we go back to town after. Its suppose to be below freezing there tonight so we should be able to get in and out. They are using tractors to get around. I will be glad to get unloaded and go to bed. I am in the we need our truck back mode and it gets worse every day. Hopefully tomorrow we get the call if not by the weekend. Because of mud our loads keep changing. It can be frustrating when they do.

Flood waters

Today we have seen the effects of the floods in Nebraska. We are in an area where it was not as bad as the eastern part but it’s still bad. Roads washed out, farm land is now lakes, debris everywhere. Its scary what mother nature can do.

Start of a new growing season

Today started the new growing season today for me. My mom and I started seeds for our garden. Because of the crazy weather we are starting the seeds a week later than normal this year. We both said Memorial Day is the date we are shooting for to plant. In some ways I can’t wait for this new growing season. I just have a lot to do to get ready. More nice days like today and I will be able to get ready pretty fast.


So today we got a new to us washer and dryer. A lot of people like to keep up with trends and get new sets every couple of years. They than sell there old set relatively cheap. Our old ones are 1997. Wrangler has had them since 2007. They work okay but have some quirks especially the dryer. I came believe how quiet the new washer is. Sounds like a bread machine. And holds twice as much as my old one. It also does not shake the whole house when spinning out. After installing them and cleaning up where the old ones sat I am tired tonight.

Much better

This trip home is much better. For one we have water again. Wrangler was able to get under the house to figure out what was wrong and fixed it. We just happened to have spare parts on hand. We also could park in the drive. The mud has dried enough