Rainy Friday

Today it’s a beautiful rainy morning.  I am excited.  We unloaded in the town where Wrangler’s company is based out of.  We are waiting on his dispatcher aka boss to show up so we can turn in paperwork and his boss can give us a pay check.  As soon as this happens we get to go straight home.   It’s been a while since we have been home by eight at night so being home by one sounds awesome.

Zig Zag

We have been zig zagging across Kansas the last two days.   Sounds like more of the same tomorrow.  We been to Garden City to Great Bend to Emporia to Dodge City to Great Bend area to Kansas City to finally Dodge City area.  I am hoping tomorrow goes well.  Have a good night. 


I am very disturbed tonight.  Today was the first hearing for the kids who broke every window in my grandparents house and did massive damage inside.  Well they charged them with criminal destruction under $1000.  The kids will only admit to breaking windows.  I know for a fact sixteen windows cost more than a thousand dollars. Three  windows cost us $400 after the hail storm. We feel like the kids are getting a slap on the wrist.  One kid showed up for the hearing in shorts and a t-shirt.  The other one in jeans and a hoody.  The parents were both in t-shirts.  My family was represented by my mom who wore slacks and a jacket.  My brother who wore slacks and a polo.  My uncle’s who wore jeans and polo shirts.  It says a lot when the victims are dressed more appropriately than the defendants. 


Yesterday we loaded close to home.  We went to the Lincoln, Nebraska area and unloaded.  Went to the Hastings, Nebraska area and reloaded.  We ended up within a hour of the house when we called it a night. I made great progress on a blanket I was asked to make. 

Ready to go

The boys and I are ready to go.  We are waiting on never a morning person unless fishing is involved Wrangler.  He has not even started to move.  I have already loaded the two trips we had left.  The truck is started and warmed up.

The boys have went out and said goodbye to their yard and their toys.  They keep looking at Wrangler going it’s time to go.  Cinch is flopping around on the bed making is slosh trying to wake daddy up.  He loves that game luckily he never does it during the night when I am still asleep.  The boys of a water bed.

Rex was jealous of the fact the horses got to wear halter this weekend.  He had to wear one also.

Rex enjoying the shade of the rack room.

My daffodils and tulips are finally blooming.

A pic of mom’s tulips.

Our walking crew last weekend.   It’s when Rex was limping so he got left behind.

The fire trucks from Thursday’s experience.