Rec anymore


All Rex does about eighty percent of the time anymore is sleep.  He is slowing down.  We have noticed a difference in the last year.  That is the reason why he goes with Wrangler the most.  Cinch on the other hand is so active.  He stays home where he can run and play.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Last night was a rare night that Wrangler was at home. We were grocery shopping. My phone rang and it was work once again. Everytime I am doing anything after work my phones rings off the hook. I am a hourly employee 8 to 5 with a hour lunch. Is it right to contact me at hone. Yet the manager who is salary will not answer his at home. I get chewed out if I answer mine. When I confronted my manager this morning he said his rings after hours to. It’s all about being a team player. I hate my mo so much. I am ready to yell at someone this morning.

Bad mood

My job has put me in a bad mood all the time.  I lived through it with Wrangler from February to July.  Now he has to live with it with me.   It’s horrible when your job beats you down so much.  I am mad this morning.  My team lost to their biggest rival.  When my team wins they do it with grace and the fans behave in a sportsman like conduct.  MIL posted to me wall about.  The fans of the winning team were nasty on Facebook.  This would not use to make me mad but today it did.

AS Mrs. Wrangler