We are leaving for the lake today.  We are excited for a time away.  Yesterday we went to brother-in-law’s graduation.  He is an official middle schooler.  It was a great day.  He came home with us.  I am excited that he is coming with us.  Mom and Brother are also coming with us.  The only thing is the weather is suppose to be cool and rainy.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Rainy Tuesday

Today is a rainy Tuesday.  Two hours ago the last time I was out we had an inch twenty.  It’s raining pretty hard now.  I need to go downtown but every time I get my slicker on it starts raining hard. The rain is going to cause me more work Thursday but I have it in a pile inside so at least it’s gathered. I might be driving in rain today.  I leave later this afternoon to meet up with sister-in-law to go to BIL graduation tomorrow morning.


This picture is of BIL on the mower.  It’s one of his favorite things to do here.

AS Mrs. Wrangler