Home time

We are headed home.  Elmo Madhouse (the truck) is at the hospital (mechanic shop) for a diagnosis of what is leaking urine into the blood (fuel into the oil).  It may be a week we are at home.

In that week I plan to get the garden caught up.  Last weekend I did not touch it due to our mini vacation.   I plan to clean the camper and get it ready for our next trip.  I plan to finish out the second quarter stuff.  I want to reorganize the filing cabinet and kitchen cabinets.


Today I have been in a blah mood.  I had trouble falling asleep last night and I woke up numerous times before the alarm.  I tried to write but nothing would come. So I gave up.  I have read a little.  Tonight we are within a hour of our destination.  I am ready to be there already to be truthful.

Productive Wednesday

Today I wrote a chapter.   I finished up a knitting project.   I will post pictures this weekend.  We have about two hours left on our day.

Today has not been horrible.  Wrangler’s mood keeps getting better as the week goes on.  The truck goes into the shop again Friday.  Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong.  If the truck starts running right it will help us out greatly.

Dog yuck

This is my next funny Wednesday post.   To catch up on previous post click the tag at the top.

My grandparents lived on a farm and had a Great Pyrenees dog named Polly.  We were working with our 4-H heifers out in the barn.  We saw her eating cow poop like dogs like to do especially if there is corn in it like there is a lot of the time.  Well a certain church group who likes to go door to door showed up and went up to the house.  A man got out and you could tell by his dress who he was.   Well my grandparents were gone and we watched from the barn door.  Polly was fine with him visiting until he opened up the door of the house to leave literature.  She took that as a break in and she pinned him against the house.  She puts her front paws on his shoulders and licked his face.  He is yelling for the women in the car to get out and they would not.  Finally dad whistled from the barn and Polly came a running.  Grandma lived for another ten to fifteen years after that and never had a visit from them.


Migraine Tuesday



I got a migraine.   Wrangler got a device a couple weeks ago when he has shoulder issues.  It’s suppose to help with tension and aches and pains.  Well I directed it to my neck and within thirty minutes it was gone.  I did some research when I was having lots of issues with them a couple of months ago and this machine was on the list.  I am glad there is something that works better.

I feel really good tonight and even wrote a while.  Booo four is probably past the halfway point.  Ideas for book five is starting to form due to a major scene involving one of the main characters in book five that is a changing point.

Book 1 has my power couple.  A cowgirl journalist from Oklahoma who interviews a champion cowboy for Colorado as stars.

Book 2 is the cowboy from book one’s cousin and his best friend and roping partner as stars.  Book two brings in two grandkids into the family.

Book 3 is the cowboy from book one oldest brother the local sheriff.   His future wife is best friend to the cowgirl from book one.  Add another kid into the family.  This one being adopted from foster care.

Book 4 is another champion cowboy and good friend of cowboy from book one.  The woman is the cowboy from book one’s little sister.    Neither of them can have kids of their own.  There will be seven kids added to the family between births, adoptions, and foster care.

Book 5 is the remain brother of the cowboy from book one.  He has always avoided marriage and used women for a good time.  His partner and number of kids added to the family is in question.

There is one sister left but she has made zero appearances so far.


Tired Monday

Today was tiring.  After a weekend at the lake I am tired today.  We are about to pull in for the night.  If we could have left this morning it would have been better.  But we made the six hour trip last night.


Pictures of me with the fish I caught.  BIL had to take over my one photo.


Wrangler playing with the boys in the water.  They are part fish.


Other pictures from our weekend.

No service

We could text and make calls at the lake but the data side of things worked about once a day for about a minute.  I did not update any since the night before leaving for the lake.

Wrangler decided to stay an extra night so we stayed two nights.  My Aunt, Uncle, and cousin brought their boat out and camped in the next spot.   I caught the only two fish but no keepers.

My mom came down for the morning and afternoon yesterday before heading to my sister’s for the Fourth of July party she had.

BIL had a good time until it was time to go home.  He is almost home now.

We are getting ready to leave now.  We have a heavy schedule of loads and need to be six hours away first thing tomorrow for timing to work.  We got home around four and to get things settled and reload that is pretty good.

I will have pictures in the next day or two.  I faired really well on sunburns and even tanned a little.  That is surprising for me.  But I put sunscreen on every hour until evening.  Wrangler is a little burnt.  He is starting to wear sunscreen more because sunburns hurt.  BIL is sunburn because he would not put sunscreen on near enough.

We had some problems on the trip.  We blew a tire out on the camper and it went through the floor below the kitchen cabinet out.  Wrangler has not decided what to do.  Does he fix it or does he turn it into insurance and rates go up.  It took the propane line out for the stove.  Wrangler capped it off.  We also go to the lake and unhooked from the camper and shut the pick-up off.   When we go to hook up to the boat the clutch is not right.

The thunder rolls

We got home around three.  I headed to town and did errands.   Than came home and started to load up for our trip tomorrow.   BIL arrived around seven.  He drove himself which is very nice.  We had a rain shower and it ran me inside for a while. We will leave in the morning.   My list is mainly food left to load.

Minor problems

Today had minor problems due to a wait.  This week has been a better week overall so far.  We unload in the morning.   Go down the road a hour and then go three hours home.  We will prep for the last minute lake trip.

Last night during the night thunder woke us up.  We were jumped on by a tunneling Cinch.  He was scared and wanted between Wrangler and me.  It was a loud boom that is for sure.

Nap explosion

This is the next funny Wednesday post.  Click the tag at the top to catch up on others.  In honor of Fourth of July this week my post is on subject. 

When we were first married the neighbors next door to us and us were good friends.  Well the guys liked to play pranks on each other.   Fourth of July Wrangler had to be at work at four but was off around noon.  Well we took a nap to rest up for the evening ahead.  We were rudely awaken to an explosion.   Well the neighbor put a whole package of blackjacks on the porch and lit it off.  It scared me to death at first.  I think that is part of the reason Cinch hates fireworks.

Rex loves fireworks.   He thinks they are play toys for him.  Anytime a Roman candle goes off he leaps up in the air a safe distance away like he could catch it.  There have been many of comments and laughs on his behavior about it.

My brother was one and sitting on my mom’s lap that Fourth of July.  Well a firework that flew came right at them.  My mom drop my brother on the ground and ran from it.  She ended up hurting her knee which is not funny but the funny part is that my brother was fine in the grass where he ended up but she dropped him to protect herself.