County fair time


Wrangler and BIL.  This picture was taken when Wrangler was around fourteen close to the age BIL is now.  Man do they look alike.

Today we are taking our stuff over to the county fair to enter.  After a morning of getting ready I am tired.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Halfway and summer days


This pic is of sister-in-law around the half way Mark in her pregnancy.  We are now seven weeks out from her due date.

Today Wrangler, BIL, Brother, Mom, and I went to the pool.  Brother did not stay long.  Mom did not swim.  We had a good time though.  I am glad Wrangler got to go swimming with us.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

July List 20-26

I learned Friday that I am the only one who is doing July list.  MIL and BIL fell behind during selling fireworks and got to list ten and gave up.  SIL gave up around 15.  They plan to start fresh again in August.  Here is another week’s list.

July 20-Things I love about my generation
1. Really nothing my generation I do not fit into

July 21-Where I love to shop
1. Orschlens
2. Tractor Supply
3. Crazy House

July 22-When I retire…
1. Quilt and craft away
2. Travel some
3. Ride everyday
4. Spend time with Wrangler and family

July 23-What is your favorite way to wake up
1. Next to Wrangler
2. Snuggling with Cinch and Rex
3. At the lake

July 24-Life lessons I have learned
1. Life is not always easy
2. Your true friends will show
3. Having a partner to shoulder the load is good
4. Politicians really have no clue how people feel
5.  Hard work will help make dreams come true

July 25-Movies that have made me cry
1. Homeward bound
2. Eight seconds
3. The Blind Side

July 26-My dream craft space
1. A whole room devoted to it
2. A big work table
3. Tons of shelving along walls to organize it
4. Room for my quilting frame

These are the next lists.
July 27-Things I love about my family
July 28-What I love about Saturday’s
July 29-What I always order at my favorite restaurants
July 30-What I love to day dream about
July 31-What I accomplished in July

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Growing up


Brother-in-law riding away.  He looks at home in a saddle.

Today was a trying day.  The neighbor boy was a big brat. Tomorrow we have declared family day.  BIL, mom, brother, little cowboy, and us only.  Not the bratty neighbor boy.  If he asks to play its family day. We are possibly going swimming.

We ended the night up by sitting around the fire pit.  It was great fun and relaxing.  And only something that happens in a small town a golf cart with three guys a couple years older in school buzzes up and we visit for a while. I love small towns.

AS Mrs. Wrangler