Our bullfrogs are back in their pond across the road.  They are croaking again tonight.  They are driving Rex nuts as they migrate from my garden where they spent the winter buried to the pond.  It’s intresting to watch him.  We have the fan going and the TV and I still can hear them.


Today was another busy day.  I did not accomplish as much as I wanted though.  We got our boat out to get it ready for the lake and brought our lake camper over for the spring cleaning.  I got one of my two new flower beds in.  Mom and I went on a long walk. 


This is my view this evening where I ate supper. Wrangler was working on the wiring on the camper and asked if we could just eat outside. 


Our supper tonight.  Ranch marinated chicken and baked beans done on the grill.


Today was another day at home.  I have been busy.  I have walked 8.3 miles so far today.  That is not counting my hour walk.  That was another two miles.  My shoulders hurt from yard work.  My hip hurts from the up and down in my flower beds.  My feet hurt in my most comfy shoes.


Clouds on the way to town.  I am a cloud person.  Love taking pics of them.


Mom’s mothers day gift.  The white in the center is to protect her last name.  I know she has walked by it at least 3 times.  I had to adjust my sock at her house and was five feet from it and she has not noticed it.  I will tell her Sunday if she has not figured it out.


My end table SIL gave me arrived at my house this evening.  Fits pretty good there.

Plenty of energy

I have energy this morning.  The only time I ever have its much energy is when I am at home and it’s a beautiful morning I can spend outside.  I have mom’s mother gift nearly made.  I am tempted to go put it in her flower bed later today whole she is in school. Than wait and see how long it takes her to notice it.  I will tell her Sunday if she does not notice it.  Today is suppose to be near 70 which is perfect to work outside in. 


This morning first thing we took Wrangler’s semi to the shop.  When we got home Wrangler hopped on the mower.  I worked on my flower bed that I have had 3 years.  I am getting ready to put in two small flower beds.  We spent the afternoon spring cleaning outside.  Our place looks a lot better.  Tomorrow I plan to do more spring cleaning outside.  Maybe start planting flowers in my new beds.

No sleep

Last night I crawled into bed at 11.  At 12:41 my phone rang and scared me to death.  You see my brother went 3 hours down the road for some concert.  Don’t ask what band because I had never heard of them and don’t remember the name. Well leaving the town the concert was in he got lost.  He called mom who has no internet at home or no smart phone.  She was no help.  So he called me.  I was able to find where he was at and guide him to the interstate.  When I hung up with him Wrangler remarks.  “That kid needs a gps and smart phone.”  Neither of us slept since then.  Both of us had a restless night.  We may have found a new home for our outdated gps.  We upgrades after four years last week.  Our old one is still usable but is having more strange turns involved and in the semi it’s impossible.  The new one is more truck friendly.