We are at street number 415.  You ask what is at that street number.  Well it’s where Wrangler and I call home.  We got home a hour or so ago.  The boys were happy to stretch there legs.  We are waiting to see what happens with weather.  We drove through rain most of the time the last three hours.

The picture of me was taken on my vacation adventure in February.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

four states

Yesterday was a four state day. We started the morning out barely in Missouri. Than we headed back to Kansas and dumped a load and reloaded. Than we drove through Oklahoma to get to Texas. Right now we are at a feedlot in the Texas Panhandle. We will get home sometime tonight.


Yesterday we started the day in central Kansas where Wrangler boss lives. We switched our belongings from the loaner truck into Wrangler truck. It was noon when we pulled out. We took a load into Southeast Kansas right along the Kansas Oklahoma border and sixty from Missouri. Than we headed into Joplin, Missouri where we spent the evening at the biggest truck stop I have ever been in. We browsed, took showers, and ate supper. We are back in Kansas now after picking up a load.

There are many difference between Northwest Kansas where we call home and Southeast Kansas. What we call ponds out west are really puddles. Creeks are usually dry out west and in the east are comparable to our rivers. Trees are everywhere where compared to out west where they are only in yards. Eastern part is a lower elevation yet has more hills.

Wrangler Christmas Morning

Today is like Christmas morning for Wrangler. We went four and a half hours yesterday to get it in his boss’s pick-up. Wrangler went over it with the mechanic and drove it. Then we traveled the four and a half hours back to his trailer and slept. This morning we switch belonging out of the trucks. Around noon we took out in Wrangler truck. In a way it feels like home.