I took yesterday off just to gain my feet back.  It was just another day around her.  Brother and Wrangler out in the shop.  I was in and out. I made a nice supper and oatmeal raisin cookies Brother’s favorite.   I am doing pretty well.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Here are the pictures of Grandma and me at my wedding three years ago.  I talked to her a couple of times a week.  It will be so weird not to have her a phone call away.  We would go out to lunch when our schedules meshed and I was dreading the fact that I would no longer have them with me quitting my job.  I miss her already.  The funeral was short and sweet.  It was just like she would have wanted.



AS Mrs. Wrangler


Wrangler made it home and it helped me relax some.  I slept a little.  I am in a good place this morning.  I am sad but not crying this morning.  Wrangler is doing what he does best by making me laugh and smile.

This afternoon will be tough.  We are about to head out.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

So sad

I have been so sad today. Today is my dad’s birthday.  He would have been sixty one.  It’s a hard day for me.  It’s a day I remember my dad for good memories.  I am always a little sad because I miss him.  He will be gone eleven years this June. 

Today went pretty well at work.  I am down to five or six days left depending on what happens Friday.  I came home and did chores.  I had been home all but five minutes when a vehicle pulled up in the drive.  It was my uncle.  I knew something bad happened.  He told me my grandma died. 

We know she talked to her sister last night on the phone around seven.  She was in the bedroom but never changed clothes.  She had told me many of her wishes the last couple of years.  She wanted to be still out on the farm.  She did not want her kids to be taking care of her when she went.  She hoped to go in her sleep.  She wanted a quick funeral family only.  She wanted me to wear jeans to the funeral.

My uncle and I went to tell my mom her daughter-in-law.  Then he left us and I called Wrangler and asked if he could make it home by tomorrow morning and he sound so choked up when I told him and he said he would be home tonight.  He should be home any minute.  Than we called my brother and sister. 

We headed over to my place where I cried for awhile.  Than mom and I started looking through my most recent pictures which distracted us from some of the pain.  Than our little cowboy friend came over which is routine for him drop by every now and then which was a distraction.

Now I am alone for the first time since the news and I am really sad again.  I am writing this hoping I will feel a little better.

My grandma lived fifteen miles away all but for the five years I lived away.  We were always close but as I grew up and spent more and more time on the farm we grew closer.  We grew even closer after dad died because we both needed it. I still talked to her two or three times a week.  I already feel a hole.

AS Mrs. Wrangler