Today has been a day of waits.  Two really long waits.  The first really long wait was near Hays, Kansas and was three hours.  Now we have had another three hour wait.  We still have two trucks ahead of us still before we can load in Hutchison, Kansas .  We are Nebraska bound when we get loaded.  The good news of the first wait I took a three hour nap.  I woke up achy and with a headache.  The nap helped me feel better.   I still don’t feel a hundred percent but its a major improvement compared to before.

Merry go round 

This morning we started out in Stratford, Texas.  Went to Dumas, Texas to unload and reload.  Ended up near Demmit to unload and reload.  We made it to Dodge and got unloaded and called it a night.  This may be the best money week in this truck.  I am guessing we will put on over 3000 miles this week.


Last night we ended our day in Stratford, Texas.  We unloaded near Fremont, Nebraska yesterday morning.  Reloaded in York, Nebraska.  Went to Dodge City where we unloaded and reloaded before heading to the Texas Panhandle.  Yesterday was a little more trying day.  Wrangler was tired.  I felt a little better still.


Yesterday we started our day in Hugoton, Kansas.  We reloaded near there and went to Russell, Kansas where we unloaded and reloaded before heading to a town right outside of Fremont, Nebraska.  Yesterday was a good day.  Wrangler was in a good mood.  I felt pretty good.  I also caught a nap and slept really good.