Supper with a friend

We had supper with a fellow trucker and a friend.  We have had fun times.  Told stories, laughed, and enjoyed good food.


Closer to home

We are waiting in line to unload after finally making it to Oklahoma.  We will reload in the morning and make the 7 hour trip home.  We unload 20 miles from the house.

  Elmo is getting a bath today. The whole truck and trailer is a grayish black.  After a week of running in winter weather it’s finally in the 50s. 

While we wait to unload Wrangler is giving the boys attention.  He is actually smiling as I take pics.  It amazes me.  Also on news of the boys.  Cinch has learned how to unsnap thw window cover on his window.  If I leave it up he unsnaps it so he can see.

What time 

The worse part of trying to nap after a full nights sleep is I am just not tired.  My whole body clock is off.  This long wait to get called to get loaded will more than likely reset our hours on logs but after a 3 hour nap neither of us can sleep anymore.  We are both hungry.   The sandwich and soup for lunch wore off way to fast.  We are both kind of grumpy.  I hope we get loaded soon. 

Back to bed

After we enjoy a lunch of Campbell’s canned soup we are going back to bed.  We will get loaded somewhere in 5 to 12 hours.  We are north of Brigham, Alabama.   I am so ready to get headed West towards home with this load.  Nashville this morning a little after 8 was not all that bad.

Short day

We are having a short day.  We had a couple hour drive today.  Ita snowing and the road conditions are kind of iffy.  Right now we are outside of Nashville, Tennessee unloading.   We have to go an hour up the road to load tomorrow.   So we are going to call it an early night.  Shower and eat.  Watch a movie.  Go to bed and get a great night sleep. 

Rainy, Foggy, Winter Weather tip

Here is a tip that will keep you safer during rain, fog, or winter weather.   Turn your lights on in these conditions.  Today it’s snowing and I have counted over 10 cars nearly get creamed because they had no lights on and the trucker could not see them in their mirrors.   In these conditions lights are just another thing that may keep you safe.