Lincoln, Nebraska 

Yesterday was another beyond average hot day.  It was a good until eight and that is when it started  slipping.  At eleven the bottom fell out.  The fuel card would not work.  Ok I will just write a check.  They would not take a check.  Ok I will pay with my personal card.  For some reason our bank will not allow the funds through.  I think because its a high amount from a weird place.  The dispatcher who runs the fuel cards tries to pay over the phone yet they can’t do that.  Asked why we are not at the truck stop chain that we have a special fuel card.  Well there was none on our path here or in this town.  We filled up at Dodge City last night at the chain.  Well we are camped at the fuel islands.  Not a peaceful place to sleep.  I get to call the bank at eight and have them let our transaction through.  We should have been unloaded by now.  We thought we would be home at a decent time today but it sounds like someone can not wait until Monday for the load we are suppose to load.  That means we have to go three hours out of the way and a hour to unload.

Trying and tiring

Yesterday was a “T”word day.  Tiring and trying.  The alternator quit working at Great Bend Kansas leaving us scrambling to find a different one.  Of course it had to happen on a 101 degrew day.  It was definitely very unusual to have that hot of tempatures this late in September in Kansas.  Well we got on the road again.  At dark right out of McPherson, Kansas one of our dim head lights we discovered was not working.  We spent over a hour figuring out that it was a wiring issue.  We made it near Parson, Kansas last night when we called it a night.  Today has been all about stupid drivers.  People are doing unsafe things out on the  road. 

Have a good day everyone.

Dodge City area

We are at the dispatchers house tonight.  We will stay out in the semi.  We are a little east of Dodge tonight.  Today was a better day but a little boring.  We were just hauling ten miles from elevator to elevator.  It made the day kind of boring but it was still better than yesterday.

Sunday blues

I am down today.  Lots  of it the impact from the hail damage setting in.  We are not sure insurance is going to cover it.  Trying to figure out how to pay for a new roof if they don’t is stressing.

We left at two this afternoon.  I am not in the best mood.  I think a lot of it is I had no weekend.  It was spent making repaira and cleaning up.  I had absolutely no help with inside stuff from Wrangler.  Trying to clear out the garden his way made me stress more.  I realise he was trying to help but my system is different.  Also today we had to leave by two.  That put a strain on me having a tight timeline and nothing done inside packing wise.  We also had to make some repairs.

Right now we are in Hastings, Nebraska loading.  Than onto Southwest Kansas we go.  Have a good evening everyone.