Twice Dodge City 

We are in Dodge City the second time unloading.   We started our day by loading in Goodland, Kansas.  Took the load to Dodge City where we unloaded.  Tried to pick up a load and was to tall.  Continued into Hutchison,  Kansas empty where we ate an early supper and reloaded.  Than back to Dodge City we went.  We are unloaded and parked for the night.  We ended up breaking an air line.  It’s nothing major.  Will take Wrangler about five minutes to change out in the morning when the part store opens.

Subject to change

One thing about being married to a truck driver is that plans are subject to change.   Wrangler went to load last night and came home empty.  The place had a policy change in the last two weeks where it’s by appointment only to load on weekends. So we are supper and enjoyed an unexpected night at home.  We are getting loaded right now 

Ready to go

Wrangler and the boys are thirty minutes away  picking up the load.  We will leave after we eat supper.  My mom has a horrible cold and is grateful for not having to cook. Supper is in the oven.   Today has been a slower day.  A nap for all of us.

Nice weather 

Today was another nice day.  Wrangler worked all day outside on the truck.  I worked on a few projects.  Mom and I went on a walk with the dogs.  Around six all of sudden all kinds of sirens were to be heard.  Well there was a high speed chase on the interstate and he wrecked two miles from the exit to town.  Four from actual town.

It sounds like a full house next weekend.  We have a friend coming up for a funeral.  Brother will be home.  It should be a good weekend.

Up and running

Wrangler got the truck up and running.  He took it out for a test drive and it ran good.  We leave Sunday night.  Glad that its fixed.  

Tonight I grilled for the first time this season.  The pork tenderloin turned out good.  I am ready to relax and watch our show. 

Polish and saw dust

Wrangler spent the daylight polishing the chrome on his semi.   Than this evening he sanded the floor in one of our bedrooms in the house.

I worked on small projects.  The boys and I went on a walk with mom and Majesty.  We cooked a delicious supper.  I added a new color to my tempature blanket.