black Friday

Today on black Friday I find myself in the semi with Wrangler and BIL. Yesterday was a great low drama holiday. This year I am thankful for my good health. Being sick so close to Thanksgiving makes me realize how lucky I am most days health wise. I am thankful for four days to spend with Wrangler. I am thankful for the time with BIL who said “its good to be up here. I miss coming up here.” I am thankful for our dogs who bring so much company and joy to our life. I am thankful for our horses who are such majestic animals. I am thankful for my family. And friends who will do chores for me when I am not able.

the next four hours

The next four hours I pray go by fast. I am exhausted and ready to go home. Today I am finding myself really tired and not at all hungry. The good news is tomorrow I get to stay home. All I have to do is put a chicken on. Wrangler will take care of mashed potatoes and mom is making a free bean caserole and rolls. I can rest and relax. I need that to recover from this bought of the flu. It’s got me down. Friday if I feel better I will go in the semi with Wrangler. I can crawl in the sleeper and nap as I need to. Saturday we go to his mom’s for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving