Obviously I was not paying attention tonight.  I talked to Wrangler on my way home from work.    He had problems today and did not think he would make it home.  So I was talking to him on the phone when the door to the bedroom opened.  Wrangler was home and scared me.  He found it funny.  Rex is doing better.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Glad I was home

This morning at four am Wrangler said someone was beating on the door of his semi.  He got up to see what was happening and it was a lot lizzard.  That is the trucker name for a hooker.  He told her to leave him the hell alone.  I told him when she asked if he wanted company he should have said my wife forgot to pack dog food and my dog is really hungry and she would have ran fast away.  Wrangler said there were ten truckers at the mill this morning and at four am the radios were going crazy with talk of this woman.

Rex has not had a good week with Wrangler.  Rex has had some kind of virus and has had diarrhea.  Poor dog.  Plus poor Wrangler.  He does not do well with sick things he has to take care of.  The good news is it looks like they will be home tonight.

AS Mrs. Wrangler



This idoit drove his four wheeler into the pond across the road.  He was immediately stuck.  Wrangler offered to pull him out which he turned down. It took him a half hour to get out. Wrangler and I sat outside watching him and laughing.

AS Mrs. Wrangler