My house is so quiet after a laughing and active thirteen year old it’s so quiet.  Brother-in-law left in the early afternoon.  I have been outside helping Wrangler on the semi.  We got a lot done.  It’s cooling off fast tonight and with the wind we are inside a half hour before sunset.  Cinch was great.  He was off of the cable all day and never left the yard.  Both of the boys are worn out.  I am glad to have my feet up.  I am worn out.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


I have a surprise.  Mother-in-law called and asked if I went brother-in-law for the night.  Wrangler is almost home with Rex after another work week on the road.  This has been a really trying week for me at work.  It got better as the week went on but I am sure glad it’s over.  Most weeks I am fine with Wrangler being gone but this week I would have killed to have him here just to pull me into a hug. 

I was raised to do more than most women would ever think about.  I was raised a farm girl and had to step up because they needed help and there was no one else.  I can take care of our horses, the things around the house,  the yard and the garden.  Yes it’s nice to have help doing it but I can get it done.  There are just times when you need to lean on someone and Wrangler is that person.

So I have a pot of chili going for supper, bread in the machine baking, and I am relaxing.  Cinch is barking every time he hears a semi and that’s often since harvest is happening and we live next to the coop.  Cinch misses his brother and playmate Rex.   

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Peace in different things

Tonight has been a really nice evening.  It’s October 16 and its still seventy degrees out at almost dark.  In Northwest Kansas most years at this time we are in the fifty degree high range.  After work I came home.  There was no way I was going be inside our nice weather days are numbered.  I spent a little time out in my garden and flower beds.  Than Cinch and I played fetch for a while.  Than Cinch, Mom, and I went on a short walk.  If only I could have rode a horse.  Two of our horses have had attitude problems of late.  And the other one is way above my skill or insanity level to ride.  The only way I ride is if Wrangler is around to go with me or if our little cowboy friend is around.  Wrangler is still on the road.  Little cowboy is working harvest hours.  So instead I spent a little time with them and now I am going to eat supper.

Have a good night,

AS Mrs. Wrangler